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Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Update on Dried and Drying Roselle

Dear Folks,

Back on October 26th, I posted about sun drying my Roselle (Hibiscus Sabdariffa).  I started with 4 trays and it took a couple of days and they were not quite finished drying when I left for my trip so they finished drying inside the house.  Turned out just great.

This is what they look like completely dried. I got a little less than a quart from the 4 trays.

The dried petals can be used for beverages, of course, like tea, but I also used them to top some turkey soup I made which imparted a lemony flavor to the soup.

You can use the dried petals dry, or reconstitute for use in salads and other fresh/raw foods.

You can add the Roselle to or replace lemon, lime or cranberry with Roselle petals.  Give it a try and you will be pleased with this Vitamin C rich addition to your ingredient options.

I started trays of the whole calyx and it is going to take longer to dry them, but I was trying to save my back a little.  I will see if the short cut is worth it :-)

. . .

I have been playing more with my food :-)  so watch for my next post on a great tasting condiment to add to your cooking enjoyment.  Straight from the garden!

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Have a best day!

-- Catherine, The Herb Lady

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