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Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Rose and Celery

Dear Folks,

I have a beautiful Wild Rose that I just love and it flowers several times a year for me.  This wild form is not frilly or filled with multiple petals - just a simple 6 petal open face with a lovely fragrance.

While rose petals are edible I do not often use them, I just admire them on the plant.  Occasionally I will bring an unopened bud in to enjoy on the kitchen table.

*** Planting Tips For December ***

I will be posting my monthly Planting Tips and more about mid-November.  I am leaving shortly to stay with a relative who is having surgery.  I won't be available while I am away from my computer, so I will answer questions when I return.

Celery -- a couple of weeks ago I posted about my favorite habit - kitchen trash recycling - where I take a 2 inch root cut from the bottom of a celery bunch and transplant out into the garden.

I also have sprinkled celery seeds starting about 4 weeks ago and repeated 2 weeks ago.  I am happy to show the seeds sprouting - yum - I use a lot of celery for low-cal crunch and fiber in my salads and soups.

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Have a great day in the garden and kitchen with your bounty.

-- Catherine, The Herb Lady

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