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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Learn To Can Food! Tuesday, November 22nd

Dear Folks,

This is a lecture I am looking forward to, adding to my growing but not complete knowledge of canning.  Save space in the freezer and refrigerator, have wholesome and healthy choices you make yourself for "putting food by."

-- Catherine, The Herb Lady

At the Dobson/Southern campus of Mesa Community College

Sustainable Gardening Workshop Series
"Passion for Canning" with
Andrea Robinson
Hosted by MCC Urban Horticulture Program
Tuesday 11-22-2011
6:30-8:30 pm Kiva Room (Under the Belltower)

Pre-registration and Credit Card payment can be made by phone through
the MCC Cashier’s office at 480-461-7400 and select option 3.
Reference "Urban Horticulture Lecture Series" 

You must Pre-register

Join us as Andrea Robinson shares her passion for canning. Andrea has
been canning home-grown food for over 20 years and believes anything
you can grow or cook can be canned. She got interested in canning
because she wanted to be self sufficient and likes having pre-prepared
meals for a busy lifestyle.

Andrea will demonstrate different canning methods and some of her
favorite recipes in this 2 hour hands-on workshop.

Monday, November 07, 2011

A Community Garden Possibility in Mesa - Let Your Voices Be Heard!

Dear Folks,

HEADS UP!  This is your opportunity to show your support for a
community garden in Mesa.


iMesa meeting includes community garden and energy discussions

          Calling all green thumbs! The next iMesa village meeting
will feature a booth about bringing a community garden to Mesa. We are
in the beginning stages and want to determine community interest and
collect feedback from the gardening community about a possible
location, size, design and type of operation. Whether you’ve
participated in a community garden before or just want to hear more
about it, join us on Wednesday, Nov. 9 at 6 p.m. at the Irving School
Historical Center, 155 N. Center St.

                The City of Mesa Energy Resources Department will also
be on hand to discuss the Electric Integrated Resource Planning
process, which assesses customers’ energy requirements and the best
combination of resources to meet the energy needs of the 5.5 square
miles in downtown Mesa.

                The iMesa Central Village Meeting is designed to bring
the top ideas submitted to iMesa out to the community for discussion.
A community garden is one of these ideas along with saving Buckhorn
Baths, revitalizing Pioneer Park and expanding the regional pool
program. iMesa is a grassroots citizen investment effort to develop
projects that will transform Mesa. To find out more about the iMesa
program go to

                Submit your iMesa idea at the meeting and be entered
into a drawing to win an iPod Touch. You must be present to win and
the drawing is at 7 p.m.

                The final iMesa village meeting is on Wednesday, Nov.
16 in the Citrus Village at the Commemorative Air Force Aviation
Museum, 2017 N. Greenfield Road. Ideas in that village include
building a splash pad at Candlelight Park, expanding the regional pool
program and providing more programs for kids.

                After the village meeting process is complete, the
iMesa Citizen Steering Committee will compile the ideas, comments and
votes and present a package of projects to the Mesa City Council in

Donna DiFrancesco

Conservation Specialist

Environmental & Sustainability

480.644.3334 (tel):  480.644.4774 (fax)

PO Box 1466

Mesa, AZ 85211-1466


Building a Sustainable Community  |

Managing water and energy for efficiency, savings, and the

-- Catherine, The Herb Lady