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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Valley Permaculture Alliance Programs - Plus a video recipe

Dear Folks,

Weather Report -- UGH!!!! as in Ugly -- just a quick FYI note DO NOT REMOVE any frost damage from permanent plantings like trees and shrubs until all danger of frost is over, except where danger from falling plant parts is possible.  You risk losing the plant completely.  Last frost danger is late Feb/Early March so just ignore the ugly and you may save some of your plants.

Things to do this Friday and weekend, see near the end of the post.

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The VPA is offering more programs coming up.  Check out the new information here.

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Home made Shrimp Scampi.

This easy method is demonstrated by Deane's Sister-in Law Mary and her hubby Doug wielding his new iPad3 to perform the videoing - a little humor as videographer figures out where to stand :-)

Scamp Video

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Back to gardening -- consider re-sowing seasonal greens, roots and herbs as the freeze (may be a major one for the history books - even exceeding the massive one in the late 1980s) most likely damaged some of them.

If you have citrus - cut one or two fruit and determine if there is 'cell' damage - if so, juice quickly.

A great way to produce concentrate juice was posted on the VPA.  Takes a little time, but space-saving-wise it is worth it.

Make your own frozen juice concentrate

Things to do - if you are in the east valley:

Friday - January 18th - free seed share at the Mesa Farmers Market (I'm hosting) 9 a.m. - 1 p.m.

Saturday/Sunday at the Superstition Mountain Museum (if you have never been - you need to check it out).

My friend Alice Nelson will be one of the vendors selling her creative earwraps and pressed flower items.

Superstition Mountain Museum

Stay warm and have a great week.

-- Catherine, The Herb Lady