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Monday, August 31, 2009

Fall Planting Preparation

Dear Folks,

It is that time of year when we dream of spring -- excuse me, fall!

Most long-time desert valley gardeners know the fall to be our primary planting time for perennials, fruit trees and winter annuals. We look with anticipation to the temperatures dropping back down below 200 degrees (really below 100 consistently by mid-September) and getting our hands dirty once more.

Here are some helpers:

First, consider signing up for my inexpensive reminder email service to give you the detailed "plant this, do this" info several times a month. Payment link is here. Just $15/year if you sign up before October 1st.

Second, look to your local nurseries for seeds and plants. One great plant nursery is Harper's

Harper's Nurseries, a third-generation family and locally owned garden nursery, began with a WWII Victory Garden.

There is no better time than now to return to that same practical economy of growing some or all of your own vegetables, fruits and herbs.

With our valley prime planting season for perennials, trees and winter annuals beginning October 1st, it is time to get ready to dig, plant, sow and then reap your own "victory garden" with the help of Harper's friendly staff.

And they have a special "Garden Club" for customers with monthly meetings, email newsletters, and rewards for purchases. Ask about it when you call or visit or check it out on their website.

Two locations, one in Mesa and one in Scottsdale.
Mesa Phone: 480 964-4909
Scottsdale Phone: 480 946-3481

Third, listen to my latest podcast show on "nurse" plants and plantings. This concept is so useful right now and then again in the real spring planting time, when temperatures gallop into the fry range again. Click here, or look to the sidebar for show/episode lists.

One last personal note, Deane came through his surgery just fine and is in the recovery/bored to tears/cabin fever stage, but he is doing great. My sister also went through some back surgery, one of the most amazing newest technologies, an instance fix for a crack vertebrae, nothing short of miracle type-stuff.

Take care folks, and have a great time getting your fall garden ready,

-- Catherine, The Herb Lady