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Sunday, November 05, 2017

Pumpkins and Other Fun Food Options

Dear Folks.

Today I'm sharing some links to interesting and fun food-related articles and events.

Pictured is my Upper Ground Sweet Potato Pumpkin taken the other day.  I sowed the seeds direct on July 5th.  Hoping it is ripe for Thanksgiving but regardless I intend to enjoy this heirloom to the fullest.  Be sure to read the article I've linked to below on all the edible goodness of pumpkins.

Edible Phoenix is one of the "Edible Communities".  They produce a quarterly magazine, have a website and on that website they have a calendar loaded with food-related events in Arizona.  Click on a date and get a list of food-happening in Arizona.  Lots to choose from.

Next a nice article from the Permaculture Institute on Pumpkins.  Eat the seeds, flowers, pumpkin "fruit" and even the leaves!!  Check it out.

After you read the article on pumpkins above, check out my blog post on stuffed pumpkin.  A great side dish for any meal and a good main dish for a vegetarian or vegan Thanksgiving or other holiday.

I shared this following link yesterday on facebook but it is so helpful I am making sure everyone sees it.

Source: Wiki-Commons
Food forest, canopy, under-story - all words that describe a totally edible landscape of foods plants working in sync to maximize space and resources.  When you understand how a food forest works, you can easily see the use of the idea here in the desert garden.  Click here to read this article.  The picture is an excellent illustration of the concept.

On a different note, back on October 9th I did a post on what to do to prepare if the "storm" (disaster, unemployment etc.) hits you and your family.  Making some plans - and always tend your garden - is just wise.

Part of that is planning to have optional income sources aka "streams".  Check out this interesting article on creating additional income streams for yourself and your family.

I hope you find all of these tips useful and keep on tending your garden!

-- Catherine, The Herb Lady

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