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Thursday, September 13, 2012

"Natural" Flavoring - Is Not Real - Updates

Dear Folks,

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Those of you who are familiar with my blogs on what is not natural about 'natural flavors' are aware of many of the points which need to be made.  A real natural flavor comes straight from the strawberry, for example, not from - get ready for gross - a beaver anal gland.

I could not resist this bit of satire on food marketing translations :-)

A 60 minutes story on a chemical food flavoring giant, really brings the point home that - the food manufacturing industry is focused on getting you hooked, addicted and otherwise passionate about their food through the use of chemical flavorings, salt, sugar, and fat.  In combination the result has been an American population on the verge of a national health crisis, if we have not already gotten there.

As with high fructose corn syrup claims, the chemical and food industries protest that their products do not create over-addiction to foods, but when you watch the 15 minute segment from the 60 Minutes show, you will hear them talk about the goal of the consumer "wanting more".  The flavorings are even formulated the disappear in intensity to trigger that 'wanting more' desire.

To my mind that means a dedicated goal of a type of addiction.

While they make the point in the video that addiction per se is not their goal and they did not mean to help the American consumer become fatter, they disclaim responsibility for the addiction as a 'side issue' and are now focused on how to make healthier (meaning less salt, sugar and fat) manufactured foods taste better.

The reality is that these flavorings are designed to make poor-value food taste better.  They would not have to use enhanced flavorings if the food was real and truly and naturally tasty.

The business of manufactured food is huge and an enormous part of our economy, jobs etc.

It is up to the individual and the responsible people in family groups to make the best decisions on food options to ensure real health.  Or, are you okay with beaver gland flavored wheat straw for breakfast?

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-- Catherine, The Herb Lady