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Friday, August 04, 2017

National Farmers Market Week - August 6-12th

Dear Folks,

Did you know some backyard gardeners with a passion and extra bounty went on to become the vendors you love at your farmers market?

There is a facebook page - Farmers Market Coalition - you may wish to check out.

National Farmers Market Week was first Proclaimed in 1999 by the USDA Secretary of Agriculture, "in honor of the important role that farmers markets play in local economies."

If you are not sure what farmers market is near you, check out these sources:

USDA Farmers Market Directory - search by zipcode

(NOTE: individual markets are responsible for submitting their data to this free directory.)

Arizona Community Farmers Market is a group of markets in the Valley


Or you can do a google search of your area and "farmers markets".

Do you have some extra bounty, but not enough to be a listed vendor at your farmers market?  The Community Exchange group manages tables at many of the markets here in the valley.  They will sell your extra bounty for you, take a small percentage to cover their costs and give you a check once a month for your sales.  NOTE:  Sales are what they actually sell, not what you give them. Sometimes thing simply do not sell.

Use the link below to go to their Facebook page and check them out.  You can contact them through the page or catch up with them at one of the markets.

Community Exchange Group

Reminder:  I will be traveling most of the next several weeks.  If you contact me I will get back to you as soon as I can when I am off traveling.

The link below goes to my recent post on what to sow in August, and summer "greens" you should be growing for your salads etc.

August Planting Tips Post

You can find my gardening calendars and books for sale here on the sidebar.  PDFs of some of these let you have the information right at your finger tips with any device which reads Adobe.

I will finish this post with a picture of my "Upper Ground Sweet Potato Pumpkin" seedlings protected by one of my chicken wire hats.  If you love the visitors to gardens as much as we do, but don't want them eating your tender plants, these simple covers allow the air and bees in but not birds etc.

Have a best day in the garden and kitchen!

-- Catherine, The Herb Lady

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