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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Eat Well - and Cheap!

Dear Folks,

Leanne Brown has released a 2nd edition of her awesome book "Good and Cheap." She has added 20 more recipes.

I cannot say enough good things about this book and her work.  If you want to maximize your food dollar - this is THE book for you.

The other part of her books project is the charitable part - she donates a book to a person in need for every book sold.  How cool is that!

You can get the PDF of the 1st Edition free at her website (I encourage you to give the $5 donation if you can).

I blogged about her book and ideas last year when she began a Kickstarter campaign - I got the PDF version of the book (and donated $5).  Her mission is to educate people on how to eat healthfully on the equivalent of SNAP (food stamps) budget.

In my posts I give some of my recipes which are similar or along the same economy line.


Face of Hunger

And, if you like my recipes, you might enjoy my recipe book too:

Question:  Do you have a healthy and inexpensive recipe that is your go-to when you either can't think of something for a meal or you have to economize?

Share in the comments section and I will make sure they get posted, and give you create if you like.

-- Catherine, The Herb Lady