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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Get Your Garlic In Quick To Harvest In The Spring!

Dear Folks,

If you enjoy using heads of garlic, you need to get your garlic cloves planted NOW, before the 1st of November.

Garlic needs all the winter chill to properly form the heads we so love to use.

Pictured is a bed a couple of years ago, where I planted both regular and elephant garlic.  This is about 6 weeks after planting.

Note they are close together.  I plant extra so I can harvest "green garlic" during the winter when I want a "scallion" size garlic for cooking.

Planted about 4-5 inches apart, when I harvest I pull every third one, so that when spring comes along there is more space between the remaining ones.

I do the same thing with onions, planting about 3-4 inches apart to harvest scallions all through the winter, with the remaining ones forming storage size bulbs in last spring / early summer.  This is my red onion bed from last winter (January) lots of scallions to continue to harvest through the winter and spring.

You have a little more time to plant your onion sets out, but try to get them in ASAP so you have scallions sooner than later!

This is also the time plant Leek seeds (scallions on steroids) as they take about 120 days to harvest size.  Plant leek seeds every 3-4 weeks for a continuous harvest in the spring.  Many of them are ready just in time for St. Patrick's day recipes like Colcannon made with leeks and cabbage - Yum!

I am at the Boyce Thompson Arboretum on November 21st for their Authors & Book Festival.  Come on up and enjoy fall color while visiting with regional and local authors like myself.

"Authors And Books Festival November 21
10 am to 3 pm. Meet "the person behind the pen" and take home personalized holiday gifts for the bookworms on your list. Talk with authors from across Arizona, writers from genres ranging from historical fiction and non-fiction, to mystery and suspense, memoir and children's books. Take part in one of the free writing workshops, which are walk-in, no reservations needed, or take an afternoon tour of the Herb Garden with Dennis Ellingson, author of God's Healing Herbs. Join our speakers in the Smith Building Lecture Room to hear their presentations on topics ranging from Gary Every's Arizona Stories to a poetry reading from Max Early's book, Ears of Corn: Listen. Other topics include From the Seed to the Table by Terri Aragon and History and Hauntings in Arizona by Lori Hines. Carolyn Niethammer will speak about the changes in our food over the last 300 years and Marilyn Stewart Osborne will be at the Australian Pavilion to share her memories of growing up in the Outback of Australia. Our Autumn foliage should be approaching peak color to make it an extra special day to visit the Arboretum . Visit our website to see the entire schedule of events. Bring cash for a tasty lunch in our picnic area - Chef Eric & Terri of Tall Order Catering will be grilling bratwursts for $4 each, burgers for $5 -- and hotdogs for $3

My Wall Calendar Helps you stay on track for planting your herbs, veggies and fruit at the best time throughout the year.  If you have family and friends in the Southern part of the country (Southern California, Texas, Florida and Louisiana) many of those areas have the same planting times as here in the desert.  Consider my calendar for a garden-lovers gift.

Have a best day!

-- Catherine, The Herb Lady

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