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Saturday, January 03, 2015

My Desert Gardening Wall Calendar for 2015 is Out!

Dear Folks,

For a long time I have wanted to create a wall calendar to make access to the seasonal gardening information easier and more appealing.

Finally my publisher had a template that would work.  Yippeee!

As this is late getting out, the calendar is discounted and further discounted for a short period of time (through January 12th).  There is a shipping charge.

I hope you like it and it is as helpful as I intend.

I would welcome your comments and critiques.

I will be starting work on the 2016 calendar soon and that will be out on time.

You can click on the "preview" under the picture on the site to see several months, and decide if it is right for you.

I am exploring the idea of a downloadable version - I don't know if that would be of interest but I think it would make a nice option for those who are gravitating to mostly digital.

Valley of The Sun Gardening Calendar - 2015

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Get your growing on!

-- Catherine, The Herb Lady