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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Greening - Some Fun If You Are Having One of "Those" Days.

Dear folks,

Have you seen the t-shirts, mugs and signs for sale with the notation:

"I'll have a Caffe Mocha Vodka Valium Latte, to go please!" — and you know exactly the feeling behind it!

Deane once gave one of his daughter's ten feet of bubble wrap for her birthday - a family tradition is no bubble wrap goes un-popped. When I can, if he has one of "those" days I lay the bubble wrap out on the entry floor area so when he comes home he can stamp to his heart's content.

Well in the interest of a cleaner environment but with the continuing need to strangle someone, ah, ‘er — let go of some of that frustration life seems to hand out on a more or less regular basis, some very creative people have crafted a wonderful site.

The website you need — Virtual Bubble Wrap!

Tech stuff - the site uses shockwave flashplayer - if your system does not have it (most do) it is a free download.

Go there and have a popping blast.

Take two pages and have a nice restful night and you won't need to call anyone in the morning!

Have a nice Sunday!

-- Catherine, The Herb Lady