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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Grafted Fruit Trees - How To.

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If you have a citrus, peach, apple or other fruit tree in your gardens, the fruit you enjoy was grafted onto a root stock chosen to avoid diseases and pests better than the delicious fruit variety you eat.  The most delicious fruit trees are frequently vulnerable to soil born diseases.  Grafting plants is a centuries old technique.

Jake Mace hosted a 3-part demonstration by Doug Jones, President of the Arizona Chapter of the California Rare Fruit Growers here in the valley.

I just finished watching all three and highly recommend them to you if you have any interest in grafting yourself, of if you just want to understand the process.

Over the years I've seen still and video of grafting and the skill of doing it correctly is very evident in Doug Jones' demonstrations.

If you're going to grow Fruit Trees at Home, this is one of the Most Important skills you can learn! How to GRAFT your FRUIT TREES! I learned from the Master himself, Doug Jones, at and we filmed the entire experience so You All could learn as well! This video has 3 Parts! Watch them now by clicking below:

1. How to Graft PART 1 Here:

2. How to Graft PART 2 Here:

3. How to Graft PART 3 Here:

I want to emphasize the point Doug makes in the video about best planting time for fruit trees -- October - November!  This is the time I recommend and the reason, as Doug notes, is they have the entire winter to settle their roots down, and get over any transplant shock before the late spring/summer heat hit.

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