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Monday, March 23, 2009

Tomato Question

Dear Folks,

I had a comment and question from GG to my last post on what heirloom varieties to grow during the summer in the desert. The answer is not one of either or -- tomatoes stop setting fruit after night time temperatures are consistently 80 and above. They may continue to set flower, but you will not get fruit.

Any of the cherry, pear or grape size tomatoes will fruit longer into the heat of the summer. Last year our black cherry plum (actually a large grape sized fruit) gave us fruit into late July, then quit until the night time temps fell back down below 80 in late August/early September, when they gave us another crop until first frost.

Some sources for heirlooms are:

Google for heirloom and tomato and "safe seed pledge".

The safe seed pledge is important because whether a seed is heirloom or hybrid if the seller posts the SSP then they are promising to not knowingly grow, produce or sell GMO seeds.

Also check out and for seeds and plants.

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-- Catherine, The Herb Lady