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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Baby Watermelon Fell Off Plant - What To Do? & Sun Drying Garlic

Dear Folks,

I'm back from vacation and cruising through the garden to see what happened while I was gone. While nudging the huge watermelon vine of an heirloom variety I'm trying I seed tiny baby watermelon.  Nudge the vine a little more (it is trying to get on to the lawn) and off drops a baby melon that was going good.  DARN!

Initially I was just going to compost it and dropped it temporarily back onto the ground.  Then I thought, it looks like a zucchini - should I try and cook it up?

I did some research on the internet and found references to cooking it, many with notes that the immature fruit can be bitter. Well, okay, taste it.  It tasted like zucchini.  Bingo!

Granted it is kind of small, but Deane loves all squash sauteed so, I added a bit of red bell pepper for color and volume and it turned out great.

Moral - any member of the cucumber, melon, or squash family baby (immature) fruit can be eaten. :-)

I decided it was time to dry some of my garlic (harvested a month or so ago).

When I have sun dried my garlic before I used the garlic press to squeeze the small bits out.  That worked 'okay' and it is great to use but the bits kind of clumped together so it is hard to measure for use.

This time I decided to peel, trim and slice the cloves.  What you see is 3 heads, drying.  Now when they are completely dried I can use slices in cooking or grind a couple in my spice grinder for powder or granules, giving me options on how to use this wonderful herb.


I am working with the Mesa Urban Garden to set up my next lecture there on Fall Planting.  Watch for the time and date.

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Farmers Market -- I will be back at the Mesa Farmers Market this Friday.  I plan on bringing Limequats, Purslane (verdolagas) and I will see what amount of sweet potato leaves I can bring also, along with fresh cut Basil.

Have a great day,

-- Catherine, The Herb Lady


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