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Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Take Advantage of El Nino Rains - Harvest That Rainwater!

Dear Folks,

This was such a great graphic shared by the Valley Permaculture Alliance on facebook, I had to share it.

Rainwater harvesting is a two'fer -- use natural un-treated water for your gardens AND save money.  The more you utilize rainwater, the cheaper your water bill.

Go to the Milkwood website for more information.

If you have a garden you should be taking advantage of every rain drop which falls on your property.

Mulch does many things.  I eased the impact of hard rain on the soil - minimizing impact compaction; keeps the soil moist longer by minimizing evaporation and keeps weeds and some pests at bay.  ALWAYS keep mulch several inches away from the base of plants - some pests love the subway tunnel to the tender and vulnerable plant bases.

Full berms catch direct fall rain.

Half berms or swales, positioned on the downside of a tree or garden catch direct fall AND slope run off.

Sunken beds retain more of the moisture while mitigating heat and evaporation.

French Drains are really interesting.  I had an opportunity to see a demonstration of one several years ago at Bee Oasis.  Instead of a gutter at the roof edge the rain fell into a French Drain on the ground, filled will rocks and with underground tubing to re-direct the rain to outer area trees and beds.  Genius I thought, with a little bit of work all the re-cycle of the water is done by the underground pipes.

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My Calendar and Books

After the rain finishes falling is a great time to get some seeds into the ground.

Make It A Best Day!


-- Catherine, The Herb Lady

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Monday, November 02, 2015

Free Mailing Shipping Through November 4th - Author & Book Day at Boyce Thompson Arboretum

Dear Folks,

My publisher is offering FREE Mail Shipping through November 4th.

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My Gardening Calendar shows when to plant your herbs, vegetables, fruits and edible flowers, each month, with planting tips and maintenance information.

While I titled it desert gardening, any area of the US in USDA Zone 9b or above can use the same information.  It is not just about summer temperatures, it is about daylight hours, and soil and air temperature year round.

Southern Florida, South Texas and Louisiana along with Southern California friends and family may appreciate the calendar for their own gardening helper.

Links on the above states take you to the state city list to check for which zone each city is in.

Or maybe you or family would enjoy recipes focusing on using herbs and spices FIRST when seasoning.

101+ Recipes From The Herb Lady is my cookbook with 150 recipes to create tasty and healthy options and versions of some favorites.

Available as an eBook or in Print, either version will help both the novice and experienced cook try new herbs and spices in common and unique ways.

I hope the discount helps with some of your shopping list!

Boyce Thompson Arboretum
November 21, 2015
10 a.m. - 3 p.m.
Authors And Books Festival

Along with other local and regional authors, I will be answering questions about my books and calendar at this fun day.

"Meet "the person behind the pen" and take home personalized holiday gifts for the bookworms on your list. Talk with authors from across Arizona, writers from genres ranging from historical fiction and non-fiction, to mystery and suspense, memoir and children's books. Take part in one of the free writing workshops, which are walk-in, no reservations needed, or take an afternoon tour of the Herb Garden with Dennis Ellingson, author of God's Healing Herbs. Join our speakers in the Smith Building Lecture Room to hear their presentations on topics ranging from Gary Every's Arizona Stories to a poetry reading from Max Early's book, Ears of Corn: Listen. Other topics include From the Seed to the Table by Terri Aragon and History and Hauntings in Arizona by Lori Hines. Carolyn Niethammer will speak about the changes in our food over the last 300 years and Marilyn Stewart Osborne will be at the Australian Pavilion to share her memories of growing up in the Outback of Australia. Our Autumn foliage should be approaching peak color to make it an extra special day to visit the Arboretum . Visit our website to see the entire schedule of events. Bring cash for a tasty lunch in our picnic area - Chef Eric & Terri of Tall Order Catering will be grilling bratwursts for $4 each, burgers for $5 -- and hotdogs for $3"

I hope to see you at the Author's Festival!

-- Catherine, The Herb Lady

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Disclaimer: Clicking on links on this blog may earn me a small commission if you purchase something. Your price does not change.