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Saturday, January 05, 2013

My Friend Jim's Pre-Order CD

Hi Folks,

I want to share with you some fun stuff from a friend of mine who has written and released several of his wonderful Americana music CD's.

Coming up is his release concert March 2, 2013 at Higley Center for Performing Arts for his brand new CD "Rollin' The Dice".

Visit Jim's Site 

Read about the new CD Project on Jim's Facebook event page on Pipkin's Porch

To listen to the track Tinted Windows from the album - click here.

You can pre-order Jim's Rollin' The Dice CD using this paypal button.  Don't forget to list your address for shipment.  Includes shipping and handling within the Continental USA.

Pre-Ordered CDs will be personally signed by Jim and mailed as soon as available.

-- Catherine, The Herb Lady

Gardening Help Coming Up in January/Early February

Dear Folks,

It is gratifying to me to see stories on the "growing" interest in backyard (or front yard) gardening with edibles.  Yeah Folks!  Coming up I'm hosting a SEED SHARE and conducting 2 classes to help desert gardeners get a jump start on seasonal gardening.  See the link below to my google irregular newsletter with details on the activities.  Seed share in Mesa, 1 class in Phoenix and 1 class in Far East Valley.

I don't know the artist behind this great poster (if anyone does I certainly want to give credit), but I truly love the message.  If there was ever a time to keep some calmness and perspective in our lives it is now.

I'm sure I am not alone in heading out to the garden when it is a bad day or bad news shocks me.  If I do nothing but stand out there where things are growing it comforts me.  To get my hands dirty putting in new seeds or starting new plants (I just put my potatoes in their beds) I can keep one form of the cycle of life thriving or at least trying to thrive.

And when I harvest I can make a meal, share with my darling and neighbors and feel satisfied that some of the basic elements of life are ongoing, despite frustration with ... (fill in the blank).

So here is my recipe for going forward:
1 big helping of family (including extended family of friends)
1 really large portion of respect and tolerance
A goodly amount of using things around you
A dose of caring about others

Mix well and be creative (we are all creative, some of us are traditional and some of us (me) are not).

And above all Keep Calm and Garden On!

If you do not (yet) have a garden of your own there are several areas in the Valley that are truly rejuvenating to visit:  Desert Botanical Garden, Reparian Preserve in Gilbert and Boyce Thompson Arboretum.

Seed Share and Classes

"Time Spent In the Garden, Does Not Reduce Our Allotted Time On Earth." -- Catherine, The Herb Lady