Garden, Plant, Cook!

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Plant Markers - Home Made

Dear Folks,

One of the running jokes in our garden is "What did I plant there?" - I either forget to mark, the marker fades or some critter dislodges it.

The "fading" thing is really the most annoying to me.  I make a perfectly good note, on a popsicle stick, in permanent marker or ball-point pen ink and it is faded to nothing within a month.

I love the look of the tin/copper markers, however, 1) they are a bit out of my price range for all the things I need marked, and 2) they don't come in "Turnip, Yellow".

So I got to thinking of punched tin, and wound up at the junction of aluminum foil and ball point pen!

I hope you can make out the letters - "Turnip - Yellow" - it is difficult to get a photo of it.

I used the stick as the back while writing, firmly, on the foil.  The ink may fade shortly but the impression will stay.  I could probably make these really fancy, and may do that, but I am really thrilled I figured out an economical way of keeping track of things in the garden.

Now if I can just remember to make them when I plant something new I have it covered - except for the critter relocation efforts. :-)

Have a time in the winter garden,

-- Catherine, The Herb Lady