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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Seasonal Favorites: Corn and Tomato Soup

Dear Folks,

I developed this recipe after watching a cooking show some years ago about adding tomatoes to soup, but keeping them intact - not breaking them up.  I loved the combination of flavors of the corn kernels, tomato chunks and rosemary.  The recipe is from my cookbook "101+ Recipes From The Herb Lady"

Corn Tomato Rosemary Soup

    The key to this soup is to keep the tomatoes from breaking up. It should be a soup with tomatoes in it, not a tomato soup. A light soup that celebrates fresh corn and tomatoes.

2    ripe tomatoes*, seeded and chopped
3    cups chicken or light vegetable broth
1    tablespoon of fresh lime or lemon juice
2    ears fresh corn kernels (or 1-11/2 cups of kernels — can use frozen)
1/2    teaspoon of dried rosemary, crushed (about a teaspoon of minced fresh)

    Cut corn from cob. Core, seed and chop tomato into 1/4 inch chunks. Bring broth to a boil with half of rosemary, add corn and tomato and reduce to simmer until corn is tender (about 5 minutes). Remove from heat, add lime juice and rest of rosemary. Serve and enjoy.
        *Meaty tomatoes like Roma work best.
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I posted on my blog several years ago some great ideas for corn, both planting and using.  Make sure to read the tip on using corn silk!

This is planting time for fall corn.  Remember:  Plant only one variety of corn per season so you can keep the variety pure for saving seed for re-planting.

-- Catherine, The Herb Lady

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