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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Charity Addition

Dear Folks,

I am adding another charity to my favorites.  There are so many worthy causes, I'm sure you all have your favorites.  Sometimes a cause also highlights a terrible human-caused issue and this is one of them.

Urban Rescues in Phoenix, rescues from the 'to-be-euthanized' lists at the shelters.

The most recent case was not just about saving a stray but a 'bait dog' used by dog fighters to train their dogs for their horrible fun.

The most recent good news is the vet believes Belle/Beau will make it. The videos and descriptions are difficult to watch, but I'm putting a link below for you to donate to their work.  The money is going to the special fund for Belle/Beau, but funds needed over what they need for Belle will continue their work.  VIEWER note the pictures are difficult to watch and the reason I am using the female/male name is they thought the poor dog was a female initially - enough said.

To make a donation

I learned about Belle/Beau and the continuing dog fighting practices because I decided to follow one bait dog rescuer on facebook - through them I learned not only about this poor baby, but also that there is at least one facebook page devoted to encouraging and supporting dog fighting. Horrible.  If you have a mind to, find the page(s) and report them to FB as graphic violence and hopefully they will be removed.

I have also added one of my favorite kitty rescue organizations, which works hard to find and place homeless cats.

On a more positive note today is "leave a note" day.  Leave a note anonymously anywhere (on a table, desk, restroom mirror) with a positive message to give the finder a smile.  Something like "you are important to people in your life" or "you are loved, be kind to yourself"

Have a great day, folks,

-- Catherine, The Herb Lady