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Thursday, December 27, 2012

On The Third Day of Christmas . . .

Dear Folks,

Actually I made the candy tray on the 20th - 5 days before Christmas, but I could not resist showing you this cool project and it is very easy to do.

We tried both waxpaper and parchment paper and both worked but the parchment paper pulled off easier.  My plan is to break the dish up January 1st and use the pieces to flavor hot cocoa or coffee through the rest of the cool days :-)

That day my friends Julie and Jodie and I got together for holiday candy and cooking making and decided to try these and we were delighted with the way they turned out.  Each of us did a different design using candy canes.  Jodie gave us a great idea for the next time (year).  Make mini plates to use as the base for edible gifts, depending on your cookie sheet size you can make several at once.

It is REALLY important to keep an eye on them and do NOT touch the hot dish until it cools completely.  Heated sugar can cause 2nd degree or worse burns.

Directions here:

This nice site also shows how to turn the tray into a bowl - we did not see that at the time we went looking for directions so definitely one I want to try next time too.

. . .

So back to days of Christmas.  I posted to my google group irregular site a complete list of the 12 days of Christmas blog posts (found here on this site, but an easy to find list).

What if you do not celebrate Christmas?  There was a lovely message in an article in the paper the other day by a Jewish writer who suggested if there is a holiday you do not celebrate, take the opportunity to do family things.  Many holidays and Holy Days among various religions and beliefs are family centered, so even if you do not 'celebrate' - consider finding family-centered activities to celebrate your family.
Catherine's 12 Days of Christmas Past Blog Posts.

Have a safe and wonderful New Year!

Remember those less fortunate or who are alone, the simplest of gestures can bring a smile!

-- Catherine, The Herb Lady