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Friday, October 09, 2015

October - Get Your Cool Weather Garden Growing!

Dear Folks,

I hope you are getting your 'growing on' now.

October is great for getting all of the really tasty edibles in and growing.

Get garlic in before the end of October to ensure you have head garlic ready for harvest in April.  Plant extra so you can harvest "green garlic" (I call them garlic scallions), as needed through the winter.

I just put mine in October 2nd.  I lay the cloves out to position them about 4 inches apart, and then I'm showing that you plant them in pointy side up and cover.

This other picture shows garlic growing a couple weeks after planting in a prior year.  See how the tops look just like a scallion top?  Harvest when the tops are about 10+ inches tall and you can feel the clove has swollen slightly and become more rounded.

You can usually start harvesting the green garlic starting about 6 weeks after planting, give or take.

Get your roots and lettuces in and plan on successive sowing every 2-4 weeks through February.  Choose short maturity varieties.  For lots of greens choose leaf varieties over head types for faster harvest.

Get the sugar peas in and successive sow them every 2-4 weeks also for a super crop of these delicious edibles.  Kept picked young, you will have continuous production from each plant for months.  Sugar peas can be harvested at all stages (including clipping some of the growing tips for stir fries).  Young and slender, puffed a bit, shucked green and later harvested dried for storage and later sowing.  (Cook the dried peas as you would any dried pea/bean - but they cook up quicker.)

Need Incentive?

This picture is a harvest in spring, but you can be harvesting the lettuces, roots and sugar peas all winter long!

I've used some of these pictures in my Gardening Wall Calendar, a tool I think you will find very handy for what to plant each month.

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-- Catherine, The Herb Lady

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