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Friday, January 19, 2018

Back 2 Basics 2018 Living Bundle - What You Get in the Bundle.

Dear Folks,

Below is the complete list of the contents of the Back 2 Basics 2018 eBundle 

Also included with the eBundle are some bonus offers of discounted products or services.  When you click on the link you will see all the eBundle contents and the bonus offers.

Back To Basics Bundle 2018January 17 - 23, 2018

53 Authors
59 eBooks, Courses and/or Videos
$529.85 Retail Value
92% Discount (based on $39.97 sales price)

Bonus offers $100 value

Online access only: $39.97
USB flash drive: $64.97 (includes domestic shipping)
USB flash drive PLUS online access: $69.97 (includes domestic shipping) 

You have until January 23rd 11:59 p.m. to purchase the bundle and 1 years to download all the content if you purchase either option of the online access.

$39.97 for a package of educational material at your finger tips valued at $529.85.

My gardening book is included in this bundle.  If you have my book in print form - Thank You!  You may find it very handy to have it along with all the other sustainable living PDF library at your finger tips.

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Artisan Bread – The Art Of Sourdough

By Dana Thompson
This beautifully presented 45 page eBook shows you how easy it is to create stunning artisan sourdough loaves. From creating your own sourdough starter from scratch, baking amazing loaves, troubleshooting and even delicious recipes for other sourdough items, it is all here. There is a page of tips and trick for getting the perfect loaf, and it explains just how to maintain and preserve your sourdough starter so you will always have some ready to bake with.

Batch From Scratch

By Lisa Barthuly
Out of my desire (or desperation?) for a little more meal time sanity—I aimed to simplify & streamline my kitchen prep, while maximizing the time, effort & fun in the kitchen. Ditch the guilt. Batch cooking, baking & prep basics will give you a foundation to simplify your mealtime planning and share some of my tried & true, favorite recipes. My hope is that this book gets you started—gives you a ‘jumping off point’ to create a system that works for you! I’ve included labels and tags, as well as a Batch from Scratch Prep Day Planner Sheet for you.
Bring back the love of time well spent in the kitchen and the joy in creating homemade meals. Family meal times and breaking bread with loved ones, are huge memory makers—I want to make them wonderful!

Delicious Dandelions: A Recipe Collection

By Annie Coombe
Dandelions are not only tasty, they are a super food! Chock full of vitamins and minerals, they are so good for us to be eating. Now I’ve gathered up our favourite Dandelion recipes and put them all in one book!

DIY Homemade Butters with Herbs, Nuts and Fruit

By Kristina Nelson
How to make five dairy butters and tips on how to use them.

Heritage Cooking

By Lori Elliott
Travel back in time to an era of home-cooked meals made from scratch with nourishing, real foods. These historic recipes, all sourced from antique cookbooks from the mid-19th century, have been adapted to be simple to prepare in any modern kitchen. The recipes in this book use traditional ingredients with an emphasis on natural and organic produce, humanely-raised animal products, and properly prepared grains. With recipes ranging from breakfast dishes to hearty stews, from homemade breads to rich deserts, this cookbook is perfect for anyone who loves history and wants to return to the simplicity of traditional, old-fashioned home cooking.

Kid’s First Homestead Recipes

By Deborah Olsen
This is your guide to teaching your kids how to get in your kitchen and learn to start cooking wholesome, nutritious food from a young age. Why? To teach them early and develop a lifelong love of real food—food grown from the homestead.
If you want your kids to get involved in their food from a young age, help them learn skills necessary to set them up for healthy eating habits as adults, and get them excited about nutrition now, this guide is here to help!
(This guide is specific to foods grown on the homestead and found on a self-sufficient menu.)

Make Maple Sugar in 3 Simple Steps!

By Michelle Visser
This book will walk you through the process, step-by-step, of how to make maple sugar right in your own kitchen. It offers suggestions of lots of ways to use maple sugar and lists numerous reasons why maple sugar should be your sugar of choice. Once you’ve read this 14-page, full-color eBook, you’ll be a maple sugar enthusiast who never looks at refined sugar in quite the same way again.

Never Buy Bread Again

By Laurie Neverman
“Never Buy Bread Again” is a bread book designed for beginning bakers and those who enjoy quick and easy homemade breads.
You’ll find: Troubleshooting tips, everyday breads, quick breads, gluten free breads, holiday and special occasion breads, basic sourdough bread, recipes to make with leftover bread and fun “go alongs” like flavored butters and cheese fondue. There are also storage tips for fresh, frozen and par-baked breads.


Homebrewing eBook Package

By Bill Osuch
We created this package from the Homebrewing eCourse. We include our 85 page eBook with 13 lessons to help brew the best creations at home naturally. With this eBook package you’ll also receive 5 master class videos from our homebrewing class to help you get started. They will help you get started with soda and cider along with making sure you have the best foundation with an understanding of yeast and sanitizing.

How to Make Gouda Cheese at Home

By Corina Sahlin
In this book, you will learn how to make Gouda cheese and consistently produce a beautiful wheel every time. The author, a native German artisan cheesemaker, has taught hundreds of people how to make Gouda cheese – both in person on her homestead and also in her online cheesemaking courses. She will hold your hand every step of the whey, ahhh, way, and take you through the process step-by-step. The book includes lots of pictures and also gives you access to her exclusive demonstration movie filmed in her kitchen. The 23-minute long movie will make it seem like you are making cheese in the kitchen with the author. You will learn exactly what ingredients and equipment you need. The links in this book are all clickable, so you can conveniently shop for your ingredients right from the digital book!

Hot Process Soap Making

By Heidi Villegas
Have you been wanting to learn how to make soap? Is the hot process method something you have been considering but have been afraid to try? In Hot Process Soap Making, Heidi shares her best no-fail soap recipe, all the details you’ll need to make fabulous hot process soap, as well as over 21 soap recipe variations. She also includes lists of essential oils, herbs, and other natural additives so you can customize your own soap with confidence! If you’ve ever wanted to try making hot process soap, this no-nonsense hot process soap making book will get you started with speed and confidence.

Make Your Own Vinegar for Pennies

By Kathi Rodgers
The uses of vinegar are legion and its benefits are well-documented. You can make vinegar from scratch in your own kitchen with simple supplies you already own and any fruit you can access, even the scraps left after you can applesauce. Learn how in Make Your Own Vinegar… for Pennies! by Kathleen Rodgers

Natural Soap Making How-To And Recipe Book

By Kelly Cable
This book gives you the basics steps for soapmaking, including tools needed, and all about ingredients and natural additives like herbs, essential oils, and clays. You’ll also find her famous soap coloring chart, as well as an oil properties chart, and many beautiful pictures. 11 recipes, including shampoo and face bars.


Canning for Beginners

By Heather Harris
Get the low down on how to can the most common fruits and veggies straight from your garden! Recipes that are perfect for the beginner canner AND the more experienced ones!

Food Storage Made Easy

By Jodi & Julie
Food Storage Made Easy was founded on the principals of building up a year supply of food storage in simple babysteps.
BABYSTEP CHECKLISTS: The Food Storage Made Easy Program starts with a series of checklists designed to be completed every two weeks. Each checklist gives specific food storage or preparedness items to buy, to learn about, and to try.
FOOD STORAGE ENCYCLOPEDIA: Detailed information about every aspect of your food storage and emergency preparedness plans. We help you know the different varieties of foods so you can choose ones that your family will enjoy and that meet the nutritional guidelines you are looking for.
RECIPE APPENDIX: With 60 recipes plus food storage equivalents and substitutions charts this recipe appendix is a complete resource on it’s own. For every food we instruct you to buy we give you at least one recipe you can use so you don’t have to feel nervous about storing new foods you’ve never used before.

Freezer Meals To Feed The Hungry

By Jodi & Julie
The goal of this book is to provide people with freezer meal recipes they can use to bring people meals in times of need or for their own families. Often times when people need meals it comes without much notice. If your freezer is stocked with a few freezer meals you are in a position to be able to quickly help ease someone’s burden and feed the hungry.

Homemade Dried Fruits & Vegetables

By Carol Murphy
This book is an introduction to the basics of preserving produce through dehydration. Methods of drying and what to look for when buying a commercial dehydrator are covered. Other specific areas of interest include choosing produce for drying, pretreatment of fruits and vegetables, pasteurization of food, testing for dryness, storage requirements, and using dried food including rehydration. With the easy-to-follow directions, anyone can have fun, save money, and preserve food through dehydration.

Pantry And Food Preservation Planner

By Kim Mills
Make keeping track of your pantry inventory and planning your food preservation easy with this printable pantry and food preservation planner.
28 pages of printable forms to plan:
Your monthly to-do and shopping list
Keep track of your pantry, fridge and freezer inventory
Plan out how much of each food you need to can, freeze, dehydrate or buy
Forms include monthly planning pages, inventory forms, shopping lists, and more!

Your Shelf Stable Pantry

By Misty Marsh
Your Shelf Stable Pantry is a food storage recipes book for those that like to eat.
This food storage is not boring, bland, basic or difficult. Every recipe in this book is kid friendly, family approved and delicious.
You’ll find 6 breakfast recipes, 6 dinner recipes, 7 soup recipes, 8 bread recipes, and 4 side / salad recipes.
In addition, you’ll have 8 conversion charts you can use to convert your own family recipes to shelf stable versions.

Frugal Living

Electronic Budget Worksheets

By Charisse Merrill
With lots of budget sheets out there, it’s overwhelming to know which one is best for you, and how to start. These budgeting worksheets teach you how to create an organized system with your budget, SPECIFIC to what you make, your specific bills, and what YOU need. Have a system in place so you can organize your bills, pay them on time, realize how much you CAN spend, and easily see your progress month to month. So you can have the peace of mind that you are helping your family and preparing for a rainy day.

Handmade Gift Planner And Organizer

By Jennifer Osuch
Are you making handmade gifts this year for Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or Birthdays? Quickly and easily keep track of what you’re making for who, how many you’re making, when you need to have them done, even keep a record of all your creations, and keep track of you shopping plan, your holiday menus, even your traditions. and much much more.

Rags to Rugs

By Kim Brush
Rags to Rugs is a 39 page ebook with step-by-step instructions to help you make your own beautiful, handmade rag rugs.
*Color photos to show each step of the process.
*Directions for calculating how big to make your center/base in order to achieve the size rug you desire.
*Written instructions for creating stitches, increasing size, decreasing size, and finishing an oval rag rug.
*Also includes step-by-step instructions on choosing fabric, ripping strips, getting started and finding time to make your rugs.

Rural Hobby Turned Business

By Leah Lynch
In this book you will learn strategies of how to set your path to create a thriving business and set actionable goals to help you reach you dream outcome. While walking you through proven steps to check the profitability of your income idea you will also learn the power of social media and how to build an audience without spending your entire day on a device. In this book you will also find 8 worksheets that will help you put your ideas on paper and plan your business strategy.


Edible Landscaping in The Desert Southwest

By Catherine Crowley
This book is all about successfully growing your own food in the Desert Southwest, Deep South and any USDA Zone 9b and above – year round. Most of our beloved edibles fall into whether they like their “feet” cool or warm, so some are best planted or sown in their temperature preference. This book is a beginner’s guide for those unsure when to plant and needing more specific guidance than the back of seed packages. Included is a month by month planting guide, edibles options to replace ornamental plants, companion planting and some recipes with the bounty to get your started. Get your growing on with more vegetables, fruits, culinary herbs and edible flowers.

Get Growing: Five Easy-to-Raise Vegetables

By Gabe Wright
If you’re looking to start a garden but not sure where to begin, this book gives you five of the easiest, any-brown-thumb-can-grow-them vegetables, and tells you what to do to keep them alive and happy in a simple and straight-to-the-point manner. Learn from my mistakes, don’t waste time and money on things that don’t work, and grow a great garden without all the chemicals!

High Performance Gardening

By Lynn Gillespie
In the High Performance Gardening eBook you will get inside secrets from Lynn Gillespie, an organic farmer of over 25 years. High Performance Gardening is for gardeners of all skill levels to help them begin their journey towards the productive and easy garden of their dreams.
What you will learn in this book:
How to plan a high yielding garden that produces all season long.
Weed-free gardening techniques.
How to nurture your soil so you can grow nutritious and delicious vegetables!

The Art of Gardening: Building Your Soil

By Susan Vinskofski
With The Art of Gardening: Building Your Soil, you WILL become a better garden. Your plants will resist disease and your produce will be nourishing because you’ve built healthy soil. You’ll learn a way to garden that builds healthy soil, eliminates the need for toxic pesticides, and best of all, requires no digging.


Homestead Management

By Quinn Veon
Organize your homestead and garden in 2018 with printable Homestead Management Planner sheets for your homesteading binder! In this digital file are 119 PDF printable pages including homestead and garden yields, expense records, pantry and freezer inventory, and much more!

Honeybee Tales

By Leigh Tate
Honeybee Tales: A beginning beekeeper’s adventures in natural beekeeping, tells the story of the author’s choices and selection of natural beekeeping and the top bar beehive, explains the Warré philosophy of beekeeping, and introduces the reader to the Warré beehive. Also discussed are the use of essential oils to attract bees and repel Varroa mites, nadiring (as opposed to supering) to expand the hive, and planting a bee garden.

Keys To Successful Homesteading

By Scott Terry
For the past 42 years, I’ve been making my living farming and homesteading in rural areas of the north. I’ve seen many people come to the country with dreams of returning to the land and becoming modern homesteaders. Some of these people made a go of it, but a large number of them didn’t. I’ve watched and observed many scenarios play out. Some good and some not so good. With these observations as a foundation, I’ve set out to help others learn the Keys To Successful Homesteading.
There are many books out there that cover the how-to aspects of raising food, preserving food, how to improve soil, find the best land or market produce. This little book is different. This book is more about having the proper mindset and making the right choices.

Modern Homesteading

By Sheri Ann Richerson
Modern homesteading is a way to achieve true self-sustainability and live your life to the fullest, free of the stressful life in the city on your way to security and independence. Everything you need to get started on building your self-sustainable life right away is on the pages of this book. This book has made it easy for so many people to start on the path to living their homesteading dream. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn about modern homesteading!

Pasture Raising Livestock- A Beginners Guide

By Jenna Dooley
This book covers the basics of pasture raising beef, pork, poultry, and dairy animals. It explains how to start a pasture based farm so that you can raise healthier meats and dairy. This plan can be scaled to fit your needs wether you’re just feeding your family or you want to sell in your community.

Pioneering Today – Faith and Home the Old Fashioned Way

By Melissa K. Norris
Do you long for the simpler times of yesteryear? Do you wish you had the time to offer your family home grown meals? Does your heart silently cry for a quiet place in this fast paced life? In this book, author Melissa K. Norris explains practical and easy methods to cook from scratch, garden, preserve your own food, and see God’s fingerprint in your everyday life.
Whether you live in the middle of the asphalt jungle or on the side of a mountain, you can experience the pioneer lifestyle and start your own homesteading journey. When you surround yourself with things made from the hand of God, you can’t help but see Him.

How To Make A Profit Homesteading

By Kristin Duke
Want to make money homesteading, but not sure how to figure it all out? Profitable Homesteading Worksheets will help you easily track your homestead expenses & revenue so you can accurately predict your profits. With these worksheets will help you learn where your profit lies. This way you can easily see what activities are most profitable as well as places you may need to curb expenses or increase prices. You will also get bonus videos to walk you through how to fully utilize each worksheet.

Provident Homesteading

By Julie Gropp
This homesteading ebook was written to help others that may be thinking about or starting their own homesteading journey.
In each section of the book, we discuss the things you need to know to start your homesteading journey. I hope to give you simple, helpful advice to get you started and keep you from getting overwhelmed by all the things you want to do.
We want to give you actionable steps in each homesteading skill so that you can enjoy the fruits of your labor and move forward. Don’t try to add everything into your lifestyle at once.

Raising Chickens Naturally

By Mindy Wood
“Raising Chickens Naturally: Everything You Need to Know to Start Your Own Backyard Flock” is just what it sounds like: It’s everything you need to know to get started! Chickens are many folks’ gateway animal into the wild world of homesteading and this book will help you get started right away with a solid foundation of knowledge. It’s packed with practical information on beginning a backyard or small farm flock and raising them as naturally as possible.

Joyous Home Journal

By Theresa Powers
The Joyous Home Journal set is a bundle of seasonal homemaking and homeschooling projects. Each issue features a variety wonderful homemaking and educational skills: Sewing, quilting, baking with whole grains, themed teas, projects for father and son, woodworking, articles of encouragement, homeschooling and more.

Natural Living

A Heart Of Gratitude – 30 Day Thankfulness Devotional

By Sara Jordan
In this ebook, you will find 30 daily devotions to help you focus on the positive and apply it in your life. Each day’s reading will take only a few minutes of your time, but will help focus your heart on gratitude. With a scripture reference and prayer to accompany each devotional, you can seek truth in God’s word every day.

31 Days to Simpler Living

By Merissa Alink
Do you wish that your life would slow down so that you could live the simple life that you’ve always dreamed about?
That you had a cleaner home that was easier to maintain?
That your life wouldn’t be so stressful and complicated?
In this eWorkbook I will show you how you can live a simpler life, have less stress, and keep your home cleaner and more organized than ever. I will share the secrets to our success in becoming a family that lives slowly in a fast world.
Each day of the book has an achievable challenge that will put you on the path to simple life and help to clear the clutter from your home and your life. It is filled with printable worksheets and checklists so that you can easily follow along and record your progress.
Are you ready to start living simpler?

Back to the Basics: Small Space Living

By Kayla Kamp
Just got your first apartment or don’t have the budget to invest in expensive sustainable products? This book helps you find the small changes that can really make a difference for both the Earth and your pocketbook. Learn everything from space-efficient gardening and cheap ways to save on your electric bill to how to plan meals and upcycled projects to save money and space.

Dreams From God, A Glimpse of the Future

By Susan McDermott
Dreams from God: A Glimpse of the Future by God’s Grace weaves together words and photographs to recount the journey of Susan McDermott. She was raised in a large city and ends up embracing self-reliance to survive. Being a single mother with two small boys, who learns how to garden, can fruits and vegetables, raise animals and bees. It is a humorous and serious story about trust and faith, with an unusual twist.

Everyday Gratitude Journal

By Sara Jordan
Practicing gratitude changes your perspective on life. In this guided journal, you will be inspired to practice gratitude every day. You get a guide on how and why practicing gratitude is so important in your life, plus 106 lined pages with journaling prompts, inspiring quotes, and space for your own thoughts of thankfulness.

Green Your Clean

By Gabe Wright
From the moment you wake up until the time your head hits the pillow, you’re inundated with chemicals from the products that you use. Some of them are benign, but some of them can cause serious problems. This book will show you how easy (and cheap!) it can be to replace some of the worst offenders with simple homemade products, taking a room by room approach and using ingredients that you probably already own.

Mom’s Quiet Time Journal

By Sara Jordan
This journal features 60 pages, including writing prompts, blank lined pages for your thoughts, space to record current reading lists, plus coloring pages with and without Bible verses
This serves as a “commonplace book” to record your favorite Bible verses, funny things that your children say and do, treasured memories, and favorite quotes. The coloring pages help you to memorize scripture and spend some relaxing quiet time with a creative activity.

Natural Parenting

9 Easy Steps to Homeschooling

By Michelle Curren
Making the decision to homeschool is just the first step. The decisions that need to be made before you can actually start can be overwhelming! I homeschooled my children for fourteen years, and also helped many other families get started. Drawing from all of that experience, I wrote this step-by-step guide for you. I want you to feel like you have someone sitting right there with you, leading you through the steps to set up your homeschool. 9 Easy Steps to Homeschooling will help you trade stress for success.

How to Afford Homeschooling

By Selena Robinson
Many parents are under the impression that homeschooling is expensive, especially if you’re teaching multiple children. But learning at home doesn’t have to break the bank! There are plenty of ways to give your children a quality education at home without spending a fortune! See some of the tried-and-tested ways we’ve used to homeschool frugally for years.

Parenting Your Differently Wired Child

By Sallie Borrink
Do you love your child, but feel constantly overwhelmed by her needs and quirks? Are you surprised by how difficult it is to parent your child, even though you knew that parenting would require a significant amount of work and energy? Has parenting left you a little shell-shocked? If you have a differently-wired child, your life is more challenging. I am certain it feels overwhelming at times. It isn’t your imagination. These children naturally demand more of their parents. In this book we’re going to look at seven strategies for parenting a differently-wired child.

Preschool: At What Cost?

By Susan Stewart
“What preschool curriculum should I use?”
“Doesn’t my three-year-old need reading lessons to be ready for school?”
“Will my child get into college without formal preschool?”
The real question should be “Is formal preschool necessary?”
Parents bombarded with research, statistics, and reports claiming young children need formal academic programs pressure parents, especially moms, to “teach” their little ones, doubting their instinct to nurture at home.
Susan K. Stewart challenges this notion in Preschool: At What Cost by looking at the history of the preschool movement, publicized studies, and unpublicized evidence showing benefits of more play and less school.

Your Homeschool Blueprint

By Ana Willis
Just as a house needs a strong firm foundation to stand so does your homeschool.
With Your Homeschool Blueprint e-book and mini video course, you will build the blueprint for this solid foundation step-by-step by:
– Identifying and reinforcing your reasons for homeschooling.
– Setting clear goals for your homeschool in general and for each child.
– Defining a clear mission statement which will sustain your homeschool commitment and help you accomplish your homeschool goals from now on.
Your Homeschool Blueprint is the tool you need to build an unsinkable foundation for your homeschool and enjoy an unshakable homeschool journey for the years to come!

Zero to Hero Nutrition: How to Actually Get Kids to Eat Healthy Food

By Christina Kamp
Using her years of experience in preparing healthy food for kids, Christina has written an eBook to help you go from a nutrition zero to a nutrition hero one step at a time using her menus, shopping lists and cooking instructions. You’ll be able to feed your kids healthy food without going broke or spending 24 hours a day in the kitchen. Find out how to bring more nutrition to your family and be a nutrition hero for them and you!

Natural Remedies

100 Essential Oil Diffuser Blends

By Meghan Nowlin
100 Essential Oil Diffuser Blends contains blends for all of life’s moments! Whether you are wanting to diffuse for better health, stress, kids, pets, traveling, holidays or anything else, there is a blend here for that! You will also learn about why diffusing is so beneficial and what makes it different from other methods of application. Discover my favorite methods of diffusing and learn the importance of essential oil quality. This book is a must have for the essential oil lover!

Edible and Medicinal Flowers

By Kami McBride
Join Kami in the garden and explore the easy to grow edible garden flowers that you can decorate your food with. Adding flowers to your food transforms an ordinary meal into a celebration! Wild radish, wild mustard, calendula, nasturtium and chive blossoms are a few of the flowers that Kami will identify and give you lots of tasty ideas about how to use.
Not only will you learn simple gardening tips and yummy ways of preparing your edible flowers, but you’ll be amazed at the healing medicinal qualities of these beautiful flowers. Which edible flowers heal the skin, uplift your mood or calm the nervous system? Learn the easiest to grow edible flowers that not only bring beauty to your lunch plate, but provide multiple medicinal benefits as well.

Going Herbal

By Marie Beausoleil
Going Herbal carries on the tradition of Marie’s popular cookbook A Cabin Full of Food, pulling away the confusion and putting ‘from scratch’ into simple language and easy instructions.. Dive into a short history of herbal remedies in North America, learn how to purchase the best quality herbs and herbal products or, with Marie ‘standing right by you’, discover how easy it is to make teas and personal care items from thirty common and useful herbs. Going Herbal covers 30 common herbs from Aloe Vera to Yarrow.

Herbal Teas for Winter Health

By Carol Little R.H.
Whether you are new to herbal medicine and the world of herbs or a devotee with your own personal favourites, you will find insightful ideas for tasty blends and also a detailed list of Carol’s preferred winter tea herbs. We don’t need a huge apothecary to be able to make and enjoy herbal teas, which can benefit us. Learn how to make the perfect cup of herbal tea plus when and how to use which herbs for best results. Discover the power of a simple cup of tea with tried and true recipes from 20+ years of herbal practice.


How to Handle a Crisis

By Dennis Evers
This book was created for individuals that lack emergency training yet wish to be prepared to properly react to any event when help may not be immediately available.
Loaded with protocols for dealing with natural and manmade disasters, terrorism, nuclear, biological, chemical and medical emergencies, bomb threats, active shooters, crime, sheltering in place, emergency food and water as well as preparing for a disaster.
An extensive first aid chapter has protocols for all common medical emergencies such as fractures, heart attacks, bites, amputations and poisonings, but also covers emergencies such as blast injuries, childbirth, influenza and much more.

Living Off Grid

By Sheri Ann Richerson
Living off-grid is fast becoming a very popular option to those people wishing to lessen their carbon footprint, affirm their independence and stay away from the reliance to fossil fuels. In this book, you will learn about:
– What Is Living Off The Grid?
– Advantages of Living off the Grid
– Is It Practical To Live Off The Grid?
– What Do You Need To Live Off The Grid?
– many other useful things!

The Guide To Primitive Survival Traps

By Blake Alma
This is a book for all outdoorsmen and survivalist who enjoy the sport of trapping and wilderness survival. With an easy, basic read and images for an easier understanding, this book provides you with instructions to making primitive survival traps. Blake Alma, the host of The Outdoorsman’s Art Radio Show, provides you with an introduction to primitive traps, constructing primitive traps, where to set your trap, how to bait your trap, and much more!

The Modern American Frugal Housewife Book #4: Emergency Prepping

By Jill Bong
If you’re just a regular person looking for practical realistic emergency bug-in prepping tips, ideas and tactics that you can use TODAY, this book IS for you.
How can you replace gallons of chlorine bleach (for water treatment) with just 1lb of this chemical?
How can you stop bleeding with an easy-to-grow plant?
How can you develop the best defense in a bug-in situation for little monetary cost?

Your Own 72 Hour Kit Plan

By Misty Marsh
Your Own 72 Hour Kit Plan is a unique step by step system for building a truly useful 72 hour kit for your family. It is especially helpful if you are short on time or money.
If you want to feel ready, calm and confident that you can immediately begin providing for your family in time of disaster, this book is for you.

I hope you take the time to check out all of the contents of this great offer and thank you for taking the time to read and look over the contents, and thank you if you choose to purchase.

Back 2 Basics 2018 Living Bundle.
Remember you have only until January 23, 2018, 11:59 p.m. to purchase and then the offer goes away, BUT you have 1 year to download all the content.

Have a best day!

-- Catherine, The Herb Lady

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