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Monday, August 03, 2009

Greening - Camping Skills for Women - and a recipe!

Dear Folks,

Thanks to Arizona Dun-Deane, I am a skilled survival camper - when we camp we are in the middle of nowhere, miles from anything remotely civilized and throughly enjoying it. In the course of learning how to take care of myself in "the wild" the other part of enjoying the experience is the supreme appreciation of the flora and fauna and the knowledge to leave only footprints and no human impact on the area. Whether we are in the desert or the mountains taking only pictures and learning the land is another way to learn about oneself.

Luckily for you folks who do not have your own Arizona Dun-Deane, there is BOW -- "Becoming an Outdoors Woman" offering a weekend Camp Experience in Prescott August 14-16, 2009. Dozens of classes are taught at Camp Friendly Pines near Prescott. Enrollment for the weekend includes: classes, meals and cabin lodging all for $240.

Click here to learn about the program and find the registration form. To view pictures from previous camps click here for their photo gallery.

Call or email for information direct to: Kimberlee Kreuzer 480-644-0077 or email


One of the 'civilized' meals we make while camping is a canned version of Salad Nicoise with lots of options. Since the primary ingredients are canned, you can have this ready to make salad anywhere.

This is enough for 2-3 people, depending on appetites

1 6 oz. can of water packed tuna
1 8 oz (apprx) can of cut green beans in water
1 8 oz (apprx) can of stewed tomatoes
Italian-type salad dressing/vinaigrette (homemade, dry packaged, or bottled)
1 small can of potatoes
1-2 tablespoons of capers
Other options include canned anchovies, olives, hard cooked eggs, red peppers, shallots, artichoke hearts and you might enjoy a rustic/crusty bread with it also.

Drain canned foods (Arizona Dun-Deane likes to drink the water from everything but the tuna), fold together gently - you don't want to mash the food - add capers if desired, toss with enough dressing to coat well but don't make it soggy. Eat and enjoy. Protein, Fiber, Lycopene, Vitamins, Minerals and some salt and fat - this is the kind of meal that is healthy and satisfying - just watch the salt content of the canned foods.


-- Catherine, The Herb Lady