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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Around The Garden.

Dear Folks,

Some action around the garden.  Some from July and just recently.  I got back from one trip this past week and immediately harvested some of my caper berries, sorting them between  big and small.  I want to see how the brining (pickling) works for the two different sizes.  If the berries are too big they may never lose their bitterness.
After experimenting last year with fermenting (the brining) both the unopened flower buds (THE caper you usually purchase) and the berry I decided the berries were a better product.  More size for the effort.

Used like olives with the taste of the capers they are a great addition to any foods.  My friend Jacq Davis (Epic Yard Farm) shared a recipe on facebook for using the berries inside a meatball, which sounds so good I have to try it when they are done.

Visitors in the garden always bring smiles to our faces.  We have a new bunny - have not had a bunny around for about a year.  The Peach Faced Love Birds are in full force and chorus this year chattering away in the trees.  Not sure where they put their nest(s) but apparently it is close by as they show up regularly just talking away.

I set up a tray which captures water from one of our sprinkler setups and refreshes every two days in this 'foresty' area.  Note:  While much of our gardens are on less frequent watering sets ups 4 or 7 days, this forest area requires more because of the large trees and plantings.

Pictured is my Stevia in July.  This amazing plant has come back every year for about the last 5 - 6 years, can't remember how long, but it is a true keeper.  It occasionally throws off seeds nearby but this main plant just keeps on loving being in this spot.

I have a mango tree (Pina Colada variety) which I planted last year and am hoping for fruit this year.  Fingers crossed.  But in the meantime I purchased a couple of mangos last month and kept the seeds  One of the seeds split when I opened the exterior case but the other stayed together.  I planted both in my Banana area on July 14th and one came up and is really happy.  It is now twice as big as the picture shown (taken August 8th).  I don't know what this lovely will do, but hoping I found a happy place for it.

If you missed my youtube video on harvesting Sweet Potato, Eggplant and Fresh Basil, here is the link.

Speaking of Basil, if you are not familiar with Lisa Steels of Fresh Eggs Daily, she posted a nice video on using basil for your chickens and a nice tip on making a basil fly repellent jar for your outdoor dining.  It is a nice tip and I have all the ingredients to make it for our next outdoor gathering.

I will be traveling again and be back and answering questions after August 27th.

I am planning on doing more regular, short videos on garden and kitchen topics.

Don't forget to mark your calendar for my next Free Lecture at Mesa Urban Community Garden, October 7th.

You can find my gardening calendars and books for sale on the sidebar here on the blog.

Have a great time in the garden and kitchen.

-- Catherine, The Herb Lady

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