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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Tea Parties - A History and Gardening Suggestions

Dear Folks,

Tea as a political statement has been around for a while - but the beverage itself is a wonderful blend of 'what's local' because what is called tea has many meanings depending on your location and needs.

Infusions, tisane, liqueur, even extracts like "vanilla" are a form of tea.  And these flavored liquids date back not only to the time of Monks' herb gardens but further back to the stone age time when the first 'beer' was made.

Have you considered a beverage or tea garden theme in your garden?

Check out my newsletter post for some fun links and history.

Catherine's Newsletter

I also give you some news on a meeting tomorrow morning (Wednesday July 6th) for like-minded folks in the east valley.

I mention Tom Standage's wonderful book "History of The World in Six Glasses"  I highly recommend this readable and informative history of water to water and everything social and political in between.

Have a great week!

-- Catherine, The Herb Lady