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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Follow Up To My Family Post

Dear Folks,

I want to thank all of you who offered their kind words to my family on the loss of my cousin.

This morning they captured the suspect without incident (happily no one was injured in doing so), and so we move forward.

Some of you have noted that we should hold our emergency responders in high regard, and support them in any way we can, and I can only echo that.  I grew up in a firefighter family (3 uncles - one of whom was Chris' grandfather - and a cousin).

My friend and soul mate is now a retired firefighter, but was on active duty when I met him years ago.

With that kind of background you quickly learn to say good bye, even when they are going to the store, as if it was your last.

You learn that when they go out the door in the morning to their job, they may never return, so you make each goodbye sincere.

From my personal perspective, and following on the tragedy in Tucson, I wish everyone to give thought to what types of intervention can be looked to, to lessen or prevent future tragedies like these two very, very sad events.

If everyone, sometime down the road, were to consider guiding a troubled person toward help, instead of passing them by, perhaps some of these events would not happen.  Even one interception -- would be worth the effort.

As hard working and worthy as our police are, they can't be everywhere.  The death of my cousin in a criminal act has not altered the fact that I do personally believe in the right of citizens to legally own guns for self-protection.

Hold your family and friends close to your heart,

-- Catherine, The Herb Lady