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Monday, April 07, 2014

Important Bill in the State Legislature to Restore rights to Keep Chickens

Dear Folks,

This bill (SB1151) would restore the right of single family homeowners to keep some chickens (fowl) regardless of city restrictions.  This would not take away a city's right to manage nuisance issues.  Just as homeowners can keep cats or dogs, the right to have some chickens for eggs etc. was a right in the past fully supported and encouraged by the government.

Please, politely, call and email the Speaker and Chairman to have this bill put on the agenda.  Chairman Robson has refused to put it on the agenda.

Please share this with everyone ASAP.

Here is the group supporting this bill Facebook page.

*SB1151 Update 4-6-14* (Our Freedom Must Be Restored)

Everyone needs to understand the importance of SB1151. This is the only Bill that is about Personal Freedom currently in the Arizona Legislature. Every other Bill is attempting to take/regulate something away from you. We need to make sure this is not just about Fowl (there is a big picture here). This Bill is about OUR FREEDOM. If we do not put everything we have into getting it heard and onto a full vote we will see more of our freedoms disappear.

Please tell everyone to help get this done. We need to not get discouraged or feel we can not win. If everyone here took 10 minutes of their time and called these 2 phone numbers along with 2 emails we would have already had a final vote on the Bill in the House and it could possibly be law or currently waiting on the Governor. (but 700+ of you have not even done this) So I ask everyone to else to help and get everyone you know to help. If we can not as a group even step up and make some simple phone calls then why are we a group and why are you a member? Are you hear to have everyone else do things for you? I promise if you do not help this will fail and it will not be the fault of those that have worked hard because so many of us hear have giving it everything we have and more. It will fail because the rest of us hear are not willing to give a few minutes of their time to help. Then when the next law is passed by your city or town and you loose more rights it will also be your fault because you did not stand up and turn this around. The silence of everyone is the reason we loose rights. -DO NOT BE SILENT ANYMORE- The members of the House that are opposed to our Bill are trying to run out the clock. We must put so much pressure on them they can not do this.

We must continue to call and write emails. These are the current two who stand in the way of Freedom. Let them know you want SB1151 heard and you want the Bill brought to a Full House Vote.
At this point we need to focus on these two. *Phone calls* are the most effective tool we have to use and we need to focus all our attention on that on that. If you also email please (cc) COPY both of them on everything we send via-email. We must be respectful we are above political games and we must present our selves this way.

Basics of what to say and or email - You are asking them to put SB1151 on the agenda and asking for them to tell each other to put the Bill on the agenda. This way whomever is writing the agenda will get the message. Tell them this Bill is important for you and important for freedom/property rights. Make it personal and they will remember what you have said. Remember the Assistant that answers the phone does not work for the Representative. The Assistant works for the State of Arizona and was assigned to that member so his/her views could be different from the Member. If you do not want to tell a story tell them you support the bill and would love that the Members allow it to come to a vote. It is very simple and only takes a few minutes of your life

These all who we must contact currently until you hear from me otherwise.

Andy Tobin (Speaker of the House)
(602) 926-5172

Bob Robson (Chairman of the Committee)
(602) 926-5549

-- Catherine, The Herb Lady