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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Time to get Frost Covers Ready - Artic Express Coming Soon Near You.

Dear Folks,

Friday will bring some rain to the Valley and then dropping temperatures, over the weekend and into next week, down into highs of 50s and low 60s with overnight temperatures dipping into 30s and 40s depending on where you live in the Valley.  The map shows projected below normal temperature forecasts into the following weekend.

This cooling and some rain is arriving from Alaska via the Pacific Northwest.

Whenever the overnight forecasts indicate 40 or lower, freeze, even light short term (soft) freeze is possible.  Any heat retention from the day dissipates by dawn, dropping as much as 8 degrees +/- from late night into predawn hours.

Any frost tender plants need overnight protection.

Frost protection consists of blankets, sheets, newspaper, cardboard boxes or sheets, or similar.  Plastic should NEVER be used if it will touch the plants as it transmits the cold directly to the plant you are trying to protect.

Folks have even used lawn chairs positioned over the tender plant.

At this point this weather pattern does not look like it will bring killing (hard) freeze, as the ground is still warm, but will begin its winter cooling trends.

Best to have your frost protection handy.

Meanwhile, here are my planting and sowing tips for December

. . .

A fun entertaining idea - fold your napkins like Christmas Trees!!

I hope you enjoy your garden and its bounty.

Have a best day, be kind, be safe and have fun,

-- Catherine, The Herb Lady

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