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Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Take Advantage of El Nino Rains - Harvest That Rainwater!

Dear Folks,

This was such a great graphic shared by the Valley Permaculture Alliance on facebook, I had to share it.

Rainwater harvesting is a two'fer -- use natural un-treated water for your gardens AND save money.  The more you utilize rainwater, the cheaper your water bill.

Go to the Milkwood website for more information.

If you have a garden you should be taking advantage of every rain drop which falls on your property.

Mulch does many things.  I eased the impact of hard rain on the soil - minimizing impact compaction; keeps the soil moist longer by minimizing evaporation and keeps weeds and some pests at bay.  ALWAYS keep mulch several inches away from the base of plants - some pests love the subway tunnel to the tender and vulnerable plant bases.

Full berms catch direct fall rain.

Half berms or swales, positioned on the downside of a tree or garden catch direct fall AND slope run off.

Sunken beds retain more of the moisture while mitigating heat and evaporation.

French Drains are really interesting.  I had an opportunity to see a demonstration of one several years ago at Bee Oasis.  Instead of a gutter at the roof edge the rain fell into a French Drain on the ground, filled will rocks and with underground tubing to re-direct the rain to outer area trees and beds.  Genius I thought, with a little bit of work all the re-cycle of the water is done by the underground pipes.

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After the rain finishes falling is a great time to get some seeds into the ground.

Make It A Best Day!


-- Catherine, The Herb Lady

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