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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Where There's A Will, There's A Way! My Tools Can Help Your Success & A Banana Flower!.

Taken February 13, 2017
Dear Folks,

Success happens, sometimes, when we stand back and let it happen.

My Red Sales Lettuce sometimes picks its own spots.   As do my Alpine Strawberries.  They both tend to pop up - reseeding - in seemingly unlikely spots AND at times one might find less than best time.  Nature's like that.  But a little effort makes all of these "offerings" more likely when your gardens are hospitable to a thrown seed germinating in its landing spot.

However, mostly we need plants to do their best when we choose to plant or sow them.

Because we can garden year round, half of the success in our desert gardens and USDA Zone 9b and above is about planting at the best time for the varieties.  Our beloved edibles generally fall into whether they like their feet warm or cool.

It is fun to "push the envelope" for trying new things, seeing if you can start or extend the season beyond the "best" range.  But over all most of us need the plants to thrive and not merely survive.

I offer two tools for you depending on your current needs.

My new ebook Herb Planting and Pairing Chart is a simple table with optimal planting times on 48 culinary herbs.  Included in the ebook (PDF) are suggestions for pairing herbs and spices with various foods:   fruits, vegetables and meats.

$5 - click here to order - there is a preview available.

My month-by-month wall calendar shows what vegetables, fruits, herbs and edible flowers to plant each month with gardening tips and maintenance helpful information.

$19.95 - click here to order - there is also a preview available

. . .

Around the garden.  Just spotted yesterday, we have a new banana flower!!!  I am particularly delighted because this time the flower is coming out at an optimal time (remember what I said about Nature) as the bud to ripe fruit takes about 4 months. In the past the flowers have come out just near the end of summer meaning the fruit would be ripening when we have our first frosts - not so good.  We have an early bunch of "hands" that are ripening right now on another plant -- each banana "tree" puts out 1 bunch, then begins to die back and/or put out baby banana plant "pups".  This would make 3 bunches recently!!

Have a great time in the garden and kitchen!!

-- Catherine, The Herb Lady

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