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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Catch Sun, Catch Water -- Same Thing!! And a New Herb Chart eBook.

Dear Folks,

Geoff Lawton, just shared in an email a great article on catching rain run off on your property.  Yes, Your Property!

Here is is a simple question in a simple context -- if we use solar panels to catch the sun's energy for use when we need it, why not catch the rain which falls on our property for use later when we need it?

[Picture:  The perspective is a little difficult to see, but some Greek Oregano is climbing the berm on part of our property.]

Our property is almost entirely bermed to where it could hold up to 3 inches of standing water, before overflowing to the driveway and away from the property.  As a result the recent rains we have had meant we stopped most watering over enough weeks that our water usage meant we skipped watering 3 weeks out of 4.

"Just as we discovered in California that sunlight falling on every rooftop can be harnessed to generate energy, right at the place it is used, we can capture the water that falls on those same landscapes for use where it’s needed. "

Read the article here

Introducing My Newest eBook!

Herb Planting and Food Pairing Chart for Desert Southwest & USDA Zone 9b+

I am Catherine, The Herb Lady and as such folks ask me about herbs, although my expertise now encompasses all edibles in the desert garden (if I ate it I wanted to see if I could grow it here :-)

Over my 30+ years of growing and using every herb I could try in my gardens, I have compiled a lot of information about growing those various herbs here.  Much of this information I have used in lectures over many years.

I decided it was time to put it into a simple planting time chart, with some additional notes if I have the extra information.  I also decided a food pairing list would also be helpful.

So without a lot of bells and whistles (I wanted to keep it simple and straightforward)  my ebook (PDF) is now available through my publisher for purchase and download.  $5 USD. 48 herbs are covered for your growing success.  This quick reference chart is in alphabetic order.

The cover is a compilation of some of the many herbs I have grown. The interior is in table form for the planting information.  The herb / food pairing is in list form.

Click here to order.  There is a preview of the first several pages.

I hope you find this handy reference helpful.  PDFs are viewable on all devices which have the adobe reader.

Have a great time in the garden and kitchen!

-- Catherine, The Herb Lady

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