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Friday, February 23, 2018

Ugly? - Yes. Protective? - YES!!

Dear Folks,

I write a lot about NOT pruning frost damage off your plants until all danger of frost is over.

This photo I took yesterday, after a couple of nights of frost, perfectly illustrates why you do not prune the damage away.  The frosted upper growth is now a "blanket" for the under growth, protecting it from more damage. I have chosen not to cover plants this year as many of them are huge because of the warmish winter.

Could the plant still die?  Sure.  But unlikely unless we get into killing freezing temperatures or something else goes wrong.

Try to keep your "needs-to-be-pretty" neatnik under control   According to the weather long-range, we have about 2 more weeks of frost possibility.  Around Mid-March you can begin to prune, taking some of the dead stuff off a little at a time over the course of several days to allow the undergrowth to adjust to the full sun.

Meanwhile - a thing of beauty for me ARE the flower buds on my Pina Colada Mango!

This tree has been in the ground for about 2+ years and I'm hoping she is stable and happy enough to actually give me fruit this year, Oh Boy!

I also have another Mango I started from seed over in the banana garden and she is also doing well but is a couple of years from potential flowers and fruit.

And to round up some garden news for now, Variegated Nasturtium.  I "think" this one will have red flowers, as they re-seed each year.  The other plant in the picture is a bed of my Greek Oregano a lovely, fragrant and edible "ground cover" at a berm in the garden.

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-- Catherine, The Herb Lady

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