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Thursday, January 25, 2018

Help Me By Taking My Survey.

Dear Folks,

Take my poll here on the blog in the upper side bar.  You can choose multiple answers.

The sale of the eBundle of Sustainable topics I promoted just finished.

This library of books and more in PDF form included one of my books plus books from 52 other authors on subjects ranging from cooking to homesteading to sustainable practices, raising livestock, preserving food and more.

The value of this type of offering is a big savings over the value of the individual books.  If you individually purchased just 2 of the books it would have been equal to the deeply discounted value of the entire collection of 53 authors.

I want to know YOUR thoughts on the idea of PDF bundle of books, and PDFs in general (do you like them or prefer hard copies of material) and whether you would want to see future offers.

I have opportunities to participate in various platforms in the future to get informative material to you to help you garden, cook, preserve and generally help you make your life more sustainable and green.

One of the options is short videos by me.  I currently have some on my youtube channel.  I would like to know if you want me to do more on a regular basis?

I would like to know where your preferences are.  The poll will be open for two weeks.

Take my poll here on the blog in the upper side bar.  You can choose multiple answers.
THANK you for taking the poll.

-- Catherine, The Herb Lady

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