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Friday, January 01, 2016

My New Cookbook is Released! And, My New Year's Day Tradition - Planting Potatoes.

Dear Folks,

My new cookbook is released through my publisher site in print and ebook-pdf from.  It should be available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble in print form in about a month.  I will keep you posted on that as it becomes available.

"A Victorian Style, Herb Inspired, 12 Course Dinner From The Herb Lady" is my re-creation of a sumptuous style meal with a focus on herbs for flavor and inspiration.

My Publisher's Site

This project actually began in the early 2000s when I created a full video cooking course on a 12 Course Style meal.

Over the last several months I realized I could create a short cookbook with pictures along with the recipes to give my readers some familiar and some unique ways with herbs.

The Victorian Dinner was meant to impress guests with the talents of the household's cooks.  Considered excessive by today's standards, the multi-course menu is usually used now-a-days for special events.  I do not suggest you attempt all of these in one dinner.. Use the ideas as a guide.  Give the dishes your own twist and make it your creation.

. . .

Today I will be planting my saved potatoes for a new crop to harvest in late Spring..

Do you have a planting New Year's tradition?  I find it helps me shake the cob-webs from my mind caused by all the hoop-a-la of the holidays and turn my focus back to planning and planting.

My Month-by-Month planting Calendar is the key to more success in your garden.

My Publisher
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HAPPY New Year To You All!

-- Catherine, The Herb Lady

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