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Thursday, May 17, 2018

Beauty In The Garden, and Blending In.

Dear Folks,

Just some fun pictures from the garden yesterday.  I have a terrible time with lighting (sun, shadows) to catch the beautiful lavender, lilac or white colors, but these two both turned out so lovely I could not decide, so I'm showing you both!  Not the best tasting Oregano, but the beautiful flowers, oh my! Origanum laevigatum 'Hopley's Purple' Oregano
Blue is sometimes hard for me to capture, but I finally got what I think is my best picture yet of the Azure Blue Sage.  Another not so great tasting but these blues are stunning.  Salvia Azurea.

This pretty Red House Finch is probably surveying for the ripening fruit on my Acerola Cherry (Barbados) Tree.  We do share, I just try to grab my fair share of the fruit before the birds :-)

The critters which blend in range in the gardens.  This Desert Iguana is not exactly blending in, more like sunning itself on the just coming back lawn, but I am so glad s/he stopped because up until this picture I have been unable to get even a good LOOK at them they are so fast.   Mostly vegetarians they do eat some insects.  Glad they and the other lizards are in the gardens.

Now for real blending in "Betty" the Northern Bobwhite, the cute little quail we rescued when she was filled with Cholla thorns is quite the master as blending in.  She has decided to stick around and we are delighted, if not concerned about her future.  We just have to let nature take its course as they "covey" type birds are not usually loners.  This species is endangered

I hope you too are enjoying your gardens and "neighbors".

-- Catherine, The Herb Lady

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