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Friday, April 06, 2018

Have You Started your Free Videos Yet? Around the Garden.

Dear Folks,

The free videos on Grow Your Own Food Workshop started running April 3rd.  You can still get your free access to these and catch up watching as 2 videos are released each day.  [This is a still from my video.]

Grow Your Own Food Workshop.

We have feathered friends in the garden and I got a couple of photos of them just hanging around.

And I tried to get a nice shot of my Lemon Thyme and its beautiful flower.  Hard to get the lovely lilac color, but it is pretty and fragrant. The other leaves showing is one of my Greek Oregano patches.

One of the 4 dove varieties we have visit us in our Saturn Peach tree.  New flower buds coming out.  This variety puts out flowers before leaves and is later than our Florida Prince, which may give us about 6 peaches this year as Deane had to prune it back severely due to age.

Love the zoom on our camera.  We can get some pretty amazing shots like this one of a Woodpecker on a neighbor's palm tree, way far away.  He was just "hanging out" grooming himself - side wards!

And finally the sweet little Inca Dove is now on the nest again for a second time.  The first babies fledged and took off a couple of weeks ago and mom is back on the nest.  She chose a nice safe spot for this, and we have to stand way back to get a zoomed in close up of her so as not to disturb her.  My understanding is they can have 4-6 nestings a year and given how many of their nests are so fragile I guess they need that ratio for survival.

We do enjoy all the feather activity in the gardens.

Have a best day in garden!

-- Catherine, The Herb Lady

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