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Saturday, March 31, 2018

Grow Your Own Food Workshop - Schedule - Starts April 3rd

Dear Folks,

The Grow Your Own Food Workshop is starting in a few days. 

If you not yet signed up for your free ticket, here is more information on the program.

I hope you take advantage of the free programs and consider the full access workshop

-- Catherine, The Herb Lady

...we’re not going to just TALK about it! We’re gonna DO it!
The best part is that the tickets are FREE but only for a limited time! Sign-up NOW because you don’t want to miss it!

GYOF Workshop Presentation Schedule

April 2nd

    Intro and getting started

April 3rd-April 11th first showing (we’ll be releasing two videos a day)

April 3rd (opening day)

    Seed Saving --Taught by Melissa K. Norris
    Companion Planting --Taught by Laurie Neverman

April 4th

    Vertical Gardening --Taught by Gabe Wright
    Composting --Taught by Michelle Visser

April 5th

    Growing Herbs--Taught by Catherine Crowley
    Raised Bed Gardening --Taught by Stephanie Huston

April 6th

    Vermicomposting --Taught by Kayla Kamp
    Gardening Basics --Taught by Julie Gropp

April 7th

    Basics of Organic Gardening --Taught by Sheri Ann Richerson
    Growing 3 Medicinal Herbs --Taught by Melissa Combs

April 8th

    High Performance Gardening --Taught by Lynn Gillespie
    Growing A Year's Worth Of Food --Taught by Jodi & Julie

April 9th

    Growing Tropical Plants --Taught by Sheri Ann Richerson
    Which Gardening Method Is Best For You --Taught by Joshua Osuch

April 10th

    Getting Started With Hydroponics --Taught by Bill Osuch
    Starting Seeds Indoors --Taught by Jennifer Osuch

April 11h

    Back To Eden Gardening Method --Taught by Starry Hilder
    Surprise class

April 20th -23rd – encore
May 21-26 – second showing (three videos a day)
May 29-3 --1st encore
May 31st  – bootcamp closes

I’m so excited to about The Grow Your Own Food Workshop, because the focus of this workshop is not only to educate but also to support you.

No, no one will come to your garden and help you pick hornworms off your tomatoes, but we will help you figure out what to do about them once you have them. I’m talking about the kind of support like when you used to pick up the phone and call your mom, to ask her how to tell if something in the fridge has gone bad. Remember? She asked you how old it was, what it smelled like, and maybe what it tastes like….:) Then she just knew and told you exactly what to do. That’s the kind of support I’m talking about!

We have a special Facebook group where you can ask ANYTHING. We also have a community manager to keep it a safe, encouraging, fun place to get help with your growing.

Oh, and there are over 15 expert gardeners hosting FREE classes! Then if you get the paid option you get 30 more videos on top of that! Is that valuable? Sure, knowledge is great, having access to important information is necessary for success.

But what you DO with that knowledge is even MORE important! 

Register today for your free access.

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