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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

My New Calendar, Planting Information For Each Month - Desert Southwest and USDA Zone 9b+

Dear Folks,

Here it is.

My new calendar, designed for you to use each month, year after year.  Add your own notes from your garden observations.

I've added in some recipes, herb and food pairings suggestions, and added more maintenance information where appropriate.

The monthly planting/sowing information is developed from recommendations and my own gardening "trowel & error" over more than 3 decades, as my gardens taught me what worked and when.  All the pictures are from my gardens and kitchen.

All the monthly recommendations are based on 'best success' for our desert year-round gardening opportunity.  I highly encourage every gardener to experiment.  If you want to push the envelope on when to plant, go for it.

I have enjoyed making a new calendar each year, with new pictures from garden, and it has been kind of exciting to make a new one each year.

However, I realized there was not a lot of space for YOU to make your own notes as your garden taught you its characteristics.

Outside of the occasional new-to-me plant the information does not change year over year, so I decided a "permanent" calendar with the ability to add your own notes would be a good gardening thing.

You will see the links displaying a side wards picture, as the calendar is an 11 x 8.5 opening to a 11 x 17 size which can be used at your desk or hole punched for hanging on the wall.  [Technically, for design purposes the "calendar" format would not work to give the additional space for the information I wanted to include, so the marketing picture is side wards.]

Under each link picture is a "preview" which will show you some pages of the calendar.

The Print Edition purchase link is here.

The PDF Edition is identical to the print edition, but can be read on any device you have which reads PDF files.  And, of course, you can print out pages if you wish to keep a journal with your own notes.

The PDF Edition purchase link is here.

The Print Edition will be available on other sites such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble later - usually within 30 days.

I hope you find this calendar a great gardening tool.

Have a best day in the garden, and kitchen,


-- Catherine, The Herb Lady

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