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Monday, November 20, 2017

Around the Garden and some Holiday Ideas and Thoughts

Dear Folks,

Harvested some "Molikai" purple sweet potatoes for a BBQ Saturday.  I have 3 different varieties of sweet potato growing, so I will see what I can get to next.  My SP bed is also home to a huge tomato plant which is still pushing out fruit.

As you get ready for Thanksgiving and last minute shopping, consider setting a box out and adding something to it over the course of several weeks.  This "Reverse Advent" idea is about delivering a box of shelf-stable food to your local food bank  While the image suggests delivering Christmas Eve, the food banks love the idea, but suggest several days earlier so they can actually get it sorted and set up for use.

"Fall" always cracks me up because in our gardens falling leaves are not part of October, but more like when the high winds start in November and December.  We had some high winds Friday night into Saturday morning and the "fall" of the peach tree leaves started.  Some time in December we come out one morning and you can't see the lawn - all at once!

On the flip side of the high winds, the Barbados Cherries I have been watching for ripening suddenly appeared on the ground under and around the tree. This "super" berry is high in Vitamin C and may be more "super" than Acai (and I keep calling the Barbados Acai, but it is actually Acerola).  Delicious - kind of an apple sweet/tart taste.  The good thing about them falling off the tree is they keep ripening.  Of course not as sweet as left on the tree but still tasty.

Fall and the Holidays get me thinking of pumpkin spiced anything and Eggnog.  My niece posted a delicious sounding Eggnog Pancake recipe.  I think I will tweak the recipe a bit and make waffles soon.

I tripped across this cute recycle project for a unique "Christmas Tree" - I love recycled garden tool ideas even if I don't get to use them. The original idea was in the current Country Living issue, but it was not available online so I found a similar one.  Cute!

I also have two favorite funny youtube videos for Thanksgiving.

All about the Baste

Dinner Challenges

Wishing you a peaceful and wonderful Thanksgiving!

I am truly thankful for all of you following me and knowing I've helped to get your growing on.

P.S.  If you missed the December Planting tips post here is the link.

-- Catherine, The Herb Lady

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