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Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Garden/Kitchen Updates, Don't Miss Free Summit, My Next Lecture

Dear Folks,

Don't miss the Free 7 Day Summit to learn / add to your knowledge on growing, preserving, using your food plus other ideas and skills to help you and your family.  It is not just about being prepared for emergencies or disasters but about making real quality-based decisions.

More below (Back to Basics Living On Line Summit).

My Upper Ground Sweet Potato Pumpkin is galloping along and that picture was taken about 10 days ago!

I am really pleased with the way my seed planted Mango is doing.  While I have a purchased mango tree, I could not resist putting this seed from a store bought mango in the ground.  This picture was also taken about 10 days ago and it is about 11 inches tall.

Caper plants this time of year are blooming and fruiting.  I have a new batch of finished fermented berries.  Fermented Caper Berries are not the same as the capers you buy in the store, those are the unopened flower buds.  Both can be used in any recipe calling for pickles or olives.  Working with the berries gives you more quantity for the effort.

Just because,  I decided to start a batch fermenting the tender young leaves and see how they do as a pickled vegetable to add to salads etc.  I picked and rinse the leaves nearest the end of each branch.  I will let them ferment for about 3 weeks and see how they taste.  In the last frame of the collage, what you see are glass pickles weights made from the same type of glass as canning jars.

Fermenting is actually a brining of these type of vegetables an old fashioned way of preserving that gives you multiple benefits.  You have a long lasting vegetable in the refrigerator.  They provide the same kind of good healthy bacteria as yogurt, and they are are an easy preservation technique.  You CAN "can" them to make them shelf-stable but you lose the good bacteria.  Any vegetable and even some fruits can be preserved this way.  This is the traditional way of making sauerkraut.

Back to Basics Living online Summit September 10-16 - FREE!

This summit includes topics like I showcase here on my blog.  Grow your food, preserve it, use it, recycling like composting, how to harvest your own seeds and a host of other useful topics.

Here is the link to my blog post with more detail.

28+ Experts discuss how to use "old" ideas in your modern life.

A couple of points:

You need to register to receive the daily schedule.
IT IS FREE!!  for the 7 days.

You have the option to buy a library of the audios for your ongoing reference.
The price for the library has a "door buster" discount if you purchase before the summit starts.

Here is a list of the Speakers and their topics:

You receive several free bonuses for the free sign up.  They do not share you email.

 I hope you take advantage of this free 7 days of knowledgeable speakers.

. . .

My Next Lecture is October 7th,

Mesa Urban Garden

5 - 6:30 p.m.

I will be discussing multi-taking in the garden and seed saving.  Get more details by visiting the Facebook Page of Mesa Urban Garden.  Let them know if you are attending so they have an idea of numbers.

Thank you folks for supporting this wonderful Community Garden.

I am always happy to answer questions. You can leave a comment here or message me on facebook.

Have a wonderful day in the garden and kitchen!

-- Catherine, The Herb Lady

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