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Sunday, April 09, 2017

Sharing Blueberry Seed Saving and 2 Ingredient Healthy Sorbet Tips

Dear Folks,

My blueberries are coming along nicely.

I am a little under the weather right now so I don't have a lot of creative oophm, but I saw this cool video on saving blueberry seeds I thought I would share with you and also a fun 2 ingredient really healthy sorbet recipe I received from one of the newsletters I get in my email.

Both of these things I want to try.

The blueberry seed saving technique is similar to how you save tomatoes.  The idea is to get all the pulp away from the seed so you can get just the seed.  While the video does not show storing them, that is exactly what can be done once the seeds are dried and stored properly.

I had never thought of trying to get seeds from my blueberries, I just scarf them up as soon as they are ripe in late May and June (blueberries ripen over time). Now I will let some intentionally get over ripe to harvest seed, chill and plant.  I've been meaning to add more blueberry plants to the my container gardens (they need to be in containers here in the valley because you need to help keep the soil acidic), so wouldn't it be cool to get plants from the one I already have!

How to save blueberry seeds

Orange Juice and Bananas = Sorbet!!

I love sorbet!!  Any kind of fruit.  This recipe overcomes one of the challenges of making sorbet or ice cream for that matter.  Sweetness.

You need to add more sugar or choice of sweetener than you think when you freeze things.  Cold reduces the sweet taste. This combination, I'm sure, solves that challenge.

I receive Tori Avey's e-newsletter with wonderful recipe ideas focused on her interest in cooking and culinary history. So many great ideas on her site so I encourage you to subscribe and receive her email recipes.

While Tori is using store bought orange juice and bananas, I am going to use some of our own fresh squeezed juice and if my timing is right some of my own bananas!  Or if I can't wait store bought bananas.

Tori notes freezing the ingredients and then using your food processor to churn them into this healthy treat.  I actually have one of those ice cream makers which uses a drum you freeze ahead of time, so my plan is to, when I'm up for it, blend the fruit and juice and then churn in the frozen drum.

Have a best day!

-- Catherine, The Herb Lady

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