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Tuesday, March 07, 2017

It Is Spring, Regarless of the Date!

Dear Folks,

Officially it is not spring, but the activity in our gardens says spring is here!

The Quail are back and calling which means they are looking for nesting spots.  A gorgeous male Cardinal  stopped by the other day (we usually have a pair visit each spring and fall).

And the flowers of certain plants are offering promises.

We are still harvesting our blood oranges - so good!  Baby peaches are on, and the blueberry is flowering.  The last flower in the collage, right, is our mango and I'm so hoping for fruit this year.  We will see.

The Mango flowered last year after planting, but the plant wisely dropped the baby fruit to pay attention to its own growth -- since I did not remove them - nature does do what is necessary.  Now that the tree has been in the ground for a year I'm hoping!

So many of the edible flowers are blooming, the gardens becoming more colorful by the day.

Purple Stock, an incredibly fragrant member of the broccoli family (yes it tastes like broccoli) my nasturtiums and lovely burgundy sunflower.

Those huge nasturtium leaves can be used for their peppery bite, in many ways, including salads, stews and soups in wraps and in case you missed my post on Nasturtium Leaf Dolma (stuffed grape leave substitute) here is the link.

We have a new banana flower which is already revealing "bunches" of bananas.  This picture is from when we first spotted the flower (mid-February).  This new flower represents the 3rd plant flowering since Fall (2016).  And the timing is actually perfect for ripening fruit during the warm/warming weather (Takes about 4 months).

And another plant's bunch looks like this (this was the 2nd plant's bunches).  This photo was take January 9th and happily our frosty few days did not hurt the developing fruit.

I hope you enjoy a look at our gardens and that it inspires you.

Have a best day in the garden and kitchen with your bounty!

-- Catherine, The Herb Lady

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