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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Extracting Sugarcane Juice.

Dear Folks,

Many of you know I grow two varieties of sugarcane.  Somewhat of a novelty, I started, just because I could, and because there is a history of growing sugarcane in the Valley.

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The traditional method of extracting the sugarcane juice requires a very heavy duty roller looking a lot like an old fashioned ringer on a washing machine.

[Pictured - cutting the cane, stacked in the trailer ready to deliver to the zoo for the elephants and some grapefruit as an extra treat for them - and just a few young plants left to continue the cycle.]

Last year someone posted on one of the groups on facebook about doing a reduction with chunked up sugarcane and water.

Yesterday we harvested most of our sugarcane to take to the zoo for the elephants.  I saved out one of our purple variety to do the reduction experiment using a crockpot.  I boiled for about 6 hours, strained and then further reduced down on the stove.

I like the results - the taste came out quite sweet, with a "corn tea" flavor.  I will use this liquid when I make tea and am thinking about making a refrigerator jam using this liquid instead of sugar and water.  If I get around to that before I run out of juice and try the jam I will let you know how it turns out.

Next time I will try a slightly different way of cutting the chunks of sugarcane to expose more of the inner fiber, hopefully making it even sweeter.

. . .

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-- Catherine, The Herb Lady

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