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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Podcast Interview and Video on Wicking Bottles

Dear Folks,

I was recently interviewed by Greg Peterson of Urban Farm on the subject of herbs - of course :-) and specifically about growing them in the desert garden (and USDA Zone 9B and above) plus more.

I hope you enjoy this podcast and check out Greg's other informative podcasts and more ways to get your growing on!

I mentioned Suzanne Vilardi in the interview.  Suzanne's is one of the premier growers of edible seedlings in the valley.  Check out her website and find her wonderful transplants here.

I am pleased to share a podcast interview. Greg Peterson of Urban Farm


Yesterday I finally posted a short youtube video on using a poor man's version of the wicking bottle to stabilize a new transplant.  Wicking bottles can also be used while vacationing to ensure your beloved house plant does well while you are gone. [Pictured first is right after I transplanted, watered and then inserted the filled water bottle in the ground.]

The IMPORTANT component of a wicking bottle success is that you MUST water the area or pot well before inserting the wicking bottle. [Pictured is the plant and bottle now empty 24 hours later.]

The bottle watered slowly over 24 hours.  This bed will be watered on Thursday on its normal 7 day cycle.  I may give the plant another interim watering around Sunday or Monday before next Thursday's watering if needed (if we do not get rain).  I will monitor the plant to make sure it is stabilizing properly, and then allow it to go with only the 7 day watering cycle to ensure deep roots.  The cage is to keep the critters off until the plant grows bigger.

Here is the link to the video.

In the podcast my 2017 Wall Calendar is mentioned.  Here is the link to the 3 versions available now.

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