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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Flea Beetles - The little buggers really bug me!

 Dear Folks,

Came out yesterday morning to find the flea beetles had attacked one of my young caper plants.

These little pests come out overnight and can do quite a bit of damage in one day.

The good news is they rarely endanger the plant overall.  The plant recovers and goes on growing.

The bad news is if you are harvesting the leaves, the damage can be significant, as seen in the photo I took this morning of my arugula.  Grrrr.

Last night the flea beetles found my volunteer arugula (I tend to let the lettuces some up in this garden at will).  More grrr.

With yesterday's Caper attack I chose to use Neem Spray because this is one of my caper trial transplants from Suzanne Vilardi (see our project post).

With today's problem with the arugula I am going to let nature work its way through this.  I harvested usable leaves (a few holes as opposed to lots) so I have some to add to my salads.

Here is some helpful info on flea beetles.  They come out at night, tend to favor certain vegetables.  Like aphids they like our cooler nights in spring and fall.  I am going to pick up some DE (Diatomaceous Earth) and keep on hand.

. . .

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-- Catherine, The Herb Lady

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