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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Monsanto Suggests Pre-Harvest application of Roundup!!

Dear Folks,

This came as a total surprise to me and I am horrified.  In an article which appeared in the last couple of days, I/we learned that conventional farmers (non-organic or non-natural farmers) are encouraged, and are, using roundup as a pre-harvest treatment to make it easier on the machines and to increase, in the case of wheat, crop yields.!!!!

Get that - these crops (which includes wheat, barley, beans, and I saw a reference to potatoes) are all sprayed right before they are harvested - for YOUR food!!!  Or, the feed of livestock.

Monsanto Suggests RoundUp Herbicide Treatment For Many Crops Right Before Harvest, Not Just RoundUp Ready GMOs

“Preharvest is the best time for controlling Canada thistle, quackgrass, perennial sowthistle, dandelion, toadflax, and milkweed. A preharvest weed control application is an excellent management strategy to not only control perennial weeds, but to facilitate harvest management and get a head start on next year’s crop.” -- From Monsanto literature --

As usual all the "suspects" say it is perfectly safe and not to worry.

They also always add that it is perfectly safe under "present and expected conditions of use.”

Levels of roundup where found in a study of human breast milk.  herbicide-found-in-monsantos-roundup-discovered-in-breast-milk

The wording was "high" and higher than expected - HIGHER!!!!!!

The use of the throwaway terms used in regards to consequences like "expected conditions", or "reasonable consumption" (that latter used with high fructose corn syrup) mean as long as it not overused - your residue won't harm you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So we are always left with the question of just how to avoid over-ingestion of these chemicals.

We wind up on the same answer - organic and naturally grown.

If you have not switched to flours, grains, beans and food which is naturally or organically grown yet  -- or growing your own - isn't it time?

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-- Catherine, The Herb Lady

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