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Monday, February 17, 2014

Free Shipping Offer on My Books

Dear Folks,

Just getting back in the 'groove' from a long trip, and my publisher is offering free mail shipping (or 50% of  ground), good through the end of the day February 21st.

You can combine your order for any books not just mine on the publisher's site.

Here is the offer - you enter the code after selecting your books:

Random Acts of Kindness are everywhere these days. Sometimes it's fun to do something nice for someone for no reason at all.

This week we're giving you Free Mail Shipping or 50% off Ground Shipping. Use it on your next order, or share with your friends for your own Random Act of Kindness!

Use code: KINDNESS14 and you'll save big on shipping.  Hurry! This deal ends February 21st at 11:59pm.

The link to my book page:

The books are also available as ebooks.

Here is a peak of our 'lawn' right now.  We do not plant a winter lawn, instead I sow and encourage reseeding of, Johnny Jump-Ups!


-- Catherine, The Herb Lady

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