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Monday, October 14, 2013

Garlic is the October Herb of The Month - How Timely - Time to Plant Garlic!

Dear Folks,

Garlic, the wonderful condiment, is also an herb of distinction for its many medical properties.

It is a base dishonourable unworthy part of the College of Physicians of London to train up the people in such ignorance that they should not be able to know what the Herbs in their Gardens be good for. —Nicholas Culpeper, A Physical Directory, 1650*

If you need any additional boost to consider using more garlic and also growing some here is an article to read.  Always do your own research when you are considering using alternative treatments for medical issues.

Garlic Compound Fights Source of Food-Borne Illness Better Than Antibiotics

In the desert we plant Garlic between October 1st - and no later than October 31st.  This is to ensure a long cool growing season which creates the head of cloves we want.  The picture is from my garden last year, showing the sprouted garlic one month after planting in October. I planted both regular and elephant garlic.

If you really love garlic plant extra and harvest as green garlic when you need a scallion-like addition to your food preparation.  Look for the cloves to have swollen a bit and the greens to be about 8-10 inches tall.

Garlic needs full sun, well draining soil, regular but not overwatering and pull the weeds.  That is it.  It is pretty simple to grow, it just takes about 7 months to harvest time of the heads.  Choose heads without any visible mold, separate, do not peel, plant each clove about 2 inches down, pointed end up.

All parts of the garlic edible, from the bulb to the greens to the flower head bud (called a scape), so what are you waiting for?  Get growing your own garlic.

* I took the quote from Susan Wittig-Albert's fun weekly newsletter.  Read it here.

-- Catherine, The Herb Lady

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