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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Avocado Bean Salad/Dip-Oh Boy!

Dear Folks,

While paging through various food recipes/blogs I tripped across an Avocado-Bean Salad recipe on a vegan site that I just had to try out.  Got to use some of the celery from the garden too!

I went for a very simplified version of it, but you can just experiment with what you and your family/friends would enjoy.  Meat eaters and vegetarian / vegans will love this equally -- part hummus and part guacamole I think I just found my best go-to snack/lunch/appetizer when avocados are in season.

The link to the original recipe is below.


2 small/medium avocados or 1 really large one
1 can of white beans drained and rinsed well (I used Northern White but cannellini or garbanzos would work great too)
1/4 cup of celery finely chopped
1/2 small white onion finely chopped
1 small carrot finely shredded
juice of 1 lemon
1 clove of garlic put threw garlic press
1-2 Tablespoons of finely chopped spearmint, rosemary, basil or whatever your favorite leaf herb is
1/4 cup of shredded arugula, spinach or kale

Peel, pit and rough dice the avocado.  Pour lemon juice over the avocado then add drained beans, add the garlic, and mash all together - I was looking for something the consistency of mashed potatoes myself but you could go for a more textured mix.  Fold in all the veggies and herbs to mix well but not 'mushy'.

For maximum complimentary protein serve on wheat crackers or breads.  Cucumber or tomato cups would be wonderful.  Vegetable chips/sticks would work.  I wound up slicing up some of my turnips from the garden and using them to dip this great tasting spread in addition to the crackers.  (BTW - I use Triscuits because they are some of the best protein/fiber options out there.)

Consider the avocado, lemon juice (necessary to keep the avocado from darkening and mellow the beans), and beans as your basic platform.  From there add any crunch, texture and flavoring elements you like.  So salt or pepper was needed to my taste.

About Beans: 
If you have 'issues' with beans - add some finely chopped Epazote to the mix and you should be fine :-)

I am one of those people who enjoy bean recipes as long as they do not taste 'beany' - I like the nutiness of edamame for example (may try that in this dish too), and the white beans have a mild flavor to blend in with this kind of dip.  If you like the robust flavor of colored beans but all means try them out.

Original recipe: veggie-loaded-avocado-white-bean-salad


-- Catherine, The Herb Lady

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